Women We Love 2022: Gabi Meit & Shanna Sciara

Gabi Meit & Shanna Sciara

by 27 Travels

Gabi Meit (l) and Shanna Sciara (r) love to travel the world. But when researching possible places to go, “it became really clear that there weren’t a lot of online resources for people like us, a lesbian couple looking to travel,” Meit tells GO. So they created 27 Travels to document their experiences. Now, six years and nearly 100K followers later, 27 Travels is on nearly every social media platform. Clearly the LGBTQ+ community wanted travel advice, which Meit and Sciara are happy to provide. They blog about their trips, and offer tips on how to stay safe and have fun while traveling as an out and proud couple. The best part, they say, is showing those in the LGBTQ+ community that it’s okay to be themselves. The couple also hopes to improve travel safety for women and those in the LGBTQ+ community. “Homosexuality is still illegal in over 70 countries,” Sciara tells GO, “and there are laws every day being written that aim to harm LGBTQ+ people.” Both self-described “go-with-the-flow” kind of people, Meit and Sciara try to make the best of any situation, and create more visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in world travel. Their favorite spot: the Caribbean island Curaçao. “We have traveled all around the world and still have not seen water as blue and as clear as in Curacao,” Meit says. –AB

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