Weekly Horror-Scopes For Queer Women: The Veil Is Thinning

As winter approaches, we all need something to believe in.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: The Veil Is Thinning

All week, we’ll build up to the Full Moon in Taurus this year, which falls on Saturday. Imagine the moon traveling around so that the light hitting it grows larger and larger. The amount that stays in darkness is actually the same—it’s just hidden from our vantage point. This means that the time from now until Saturday is about trying to see more and more, pushing what is obscure away for now. This is a time of action, of doing what needs to be done. We’ll have a lot of energy right now, especially when it comes to tackling dynamics between money and power. Go into your more embarrassing fantasies about wealth, power, and fame to translate what you desire into what you actually want. A fantasy about fame is really about a need to build confidence and wanting money is about security. Use what you desire to validate yourself instead of the opposite.

Because the Sun is forming aspects to both Neptune and Jupiter, what gets us moving is not really rooted in reality but more about finding something to believe in. Emergency notices from Con Ed may not get you saving money right now, but a sense of self worth will. Concrete goals aren’t really what you’re looking for this week—a feeling of what you want to do is. We’re concentrated on things that can only exist when they’re being described.

On Sunday, Mercury will enter Sagittarius where learning takes on a life of its own. We’re through with research and going to want to start to draw some conclusions from what we’re harvested. As winter approaches, we all need something to believe in. Use this week to gather all the information you still need in order to uncover some final truths.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries ♈️

This is the best week to write down some affirmations. How you want to affect other people goes hand in hand with what you want to build for yourself and, if you want to design a shared experience, you’ll need to put a hold on yourself in some way. Figure out what stops you from being you and what the has to do with what you give and receive.

♉️  Taurus ♉️

Let your relationships change you. What you desire from other people are often missing gaps that you’ve gotten all too used to having within yourself. Redesign your relationships so that they can start to fill those gaps and, whatever comes in, let it. It’s important for you to let your desires change not the other person but yourself.

♊️  Gemini ♊️

What is fragmented and what is whole in your life? If you want to draw a complete picture of something, you have to break it down first. Are the parts of your life and the sections of your body proving your wholeness to yourself? How about how you divide and conquer this thing known as time by having a schedule? Gather up pieces and put them together.

♋️  Cancer ♋️

What do you want to keep private and what do you want to shout? Compare your emotions to a food item. Is it something you share with many or something you prefer to keep and eat by yourself? Figure how a way of processing (cooking) your emotions so that they inspire both you and your audience in order to invite love into your life.

♌️  Leo ♌️

Change the way you remember your past by focusing on your present. What do you want from life and is the way you envision your heritage and upbringing serving that goal? It it doesn’t, then they are serving someone else’s. Take control of your own stigma by welcoming it with open arms and redesigning it to make you more beautiful, not less.

♍️  Virgo ♍️

Take a step away from what it is you’re invested in learning and try to see who actually cares about it. That way, you’ll be able to see what role it would play in the world and what boundaries the thing has so it is able to be handled. Envision your project like an object so you’re able to process it’s use better. Consider what value it has and to whom.

♎️  Libra ♎️

Share a moment of intimacy with a lover, a friend, or a stranger. It can be as simple as meeting eyes on the train. This moment will validate you, Libra, because it will make you seen. In that moment, treasure what you have by giving it freely to other people. Remember that value is like love—you have more the more you can give away.

♏️  Scorpio ♏️

By knowing who you are and believing in yourself, you’ll find those who need you honestly. Let another person take over your life for a bit so you prove to yourself that you have what it takes to remain after someone remolds you. You always have an affect on others. Give an idea away so that you have room for making more later. Shape yourself for the world.

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

Your living and work situations are in need of change. This week is a great time to make these changes because you have an total view of what’s at stake—your physical, emotional, and mental health. Change your surroundings to leave more room for caring for yourself. Make sure that your workplace is nurturing to you and your body.

♑️  Capricorn ♑️

Show something to someone else this week. You’ve learned so much about the world—how does that change who you are? Make yourself a child again in a group of teenagers and assume a position of naiveté. This will make you more open to anything that comes your way. Make sure that your dreams leave room for you to have fun and play in the mud.

♒️  Aquarius ♒️

This might be a heavy time for you when you’re taking some time to realize how your upbringing prepared you to envision success the way you do now. What were your ancestors denied and how does that directly shape what you want to prove in your present? What about the difficulties in getting what you want? Adjust your image of success so that it nurtures you.

♓️  Pisces ♓️

Whatever it is you’re learning is changing your perspective on the world slowly but surely. This week is a good time to become aware of how the way you’re seeing things is no longer the same. Get a hold of your surroundings by looking up and feeling where it is you’re standing. This will help you build an awareness of what is around you.

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