Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: The Sun & The Moon

This Full Moon will ask us to rethink our very definition of what a solution to survival entails.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women | Monday, October 2

This next week, we build up to the Full Moon in Aries which marks the Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Cake festival. The story about this time of the year is a story about the sun and moon. Back when there were 10 suns in the sky, the earth was scorched and could not produce food. When a man shoots down nine suns with a bow and arrow, the gods give him ambrosia or moon cake as a gift. When this dude takes the ambrosia home, however, his wife eats it and floats all the way up to the moon, where she stays, forever immortal. Even when Neil Armstrong, landed on the moon, he was told to watch out for Chang-e, a Chinese girl living on the moon.

This story, retold in a climate of global warming, has consequences unintended in the original. The scorching of the earth has less to do with a mistake of the gods than the industrialization of our land and waters. No longer can a man who represents the sun, or ego, conquer nature through sheer willpower and developed skill. The relationship between the sun (or conscious living) and his wife (the moon, the inherited subconscious) must now be interpreted. In this state of increased need to evaluate the means of human survival, it feels natural to cast the moon as a subject of colonialism in both science and fiction over and over again. Because this fantasy is a perpetuation, this Full Moon will ask us to rethink our very definition of what a solution to survival entails.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries  ♈️

The stellium in earth is difficult for you and all other fire signs. For you, it seems that work and career are complicated matters in your life right now. Life is like climbing a mountain—you climb because you want to see different things from a different perspective and you stop because you have found a view you want to enjoy for awhile. Let every small effort create meaning.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

It’s really time to put something together and your methodical approach will only help you. Find materials that attract you to the world and begin to both enjoy and see it. This is a time for strengthening your approach to reality. You’ll be able to see the world for what it is and make the decisions that you need to plan your daily life with a bigger picture in mind.

♊️  Gemini  ♊️

Dissent is now a culture—what do you want to say that is different than what everyone else is saying, even apart from those who dissent? A mixture of social know-how and contrarianism is necessary for the job that you are out to do. Realize the ways you want to engage other people and use authenticity strategically. Let yourself be angry.

♋️  Cancer  ♋️

If you blame suffering on the world, then it’s easy to fall under a pressure to design a perfect world. Because this is impossible, it is better to look at yourself and show the complexity of your own development. Keep the gray areas these thoughts lead you to as you design a future for yourself. Realize where it is you want to go is completely dependent on where you were before.

♌️  Leo  ♌️

This whole astrological season is about you strengthening your language by hanging out with people and seeing what is relevant to the world. This week, these efforts culminate by you developing a more big picture vision of all that you have learned. Notice which institutions of life the things you are most exposed to come from to gain perspective on yourself.

♍️  Virgo  ♍️

Independence is the most important thing for you to consider this week and, along with that, financial independence. You’re well aware that—no matter what—you’re part of a whole. Now, consider how independence is manifested and imagined in your life. Consider the positive and negative ramifications of it when making financial decisions.

♎️  Libr  a♎️

Any conception of society you create at any moment is always a reflection of your own state of mind. Get some perspective on yourself this week by listing out the ways that you envision this society. Part of it can suggest a mindset of simplicity. You’re a complex creature, Libra, and in your game of mirrors it’s easy to forget there’s only one self.

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

All the nebulous things that have provoked you without you even having to realize it in your dreaming life have the opportunity to become corporeal this week. Maybe you will run into figures that have appeared in your dreams in your waking life. Deja vu is the reminder of the forgotten. Know that any coincidences that come up are fragments from your subconscious.

♐️  Sagittarius  ♐️

If you invest too much in being a person who is in the know about certain things, whether that is an industry or subculture or even history, you’ll lose your innate wisdom, Sagittarius. What you were born with is very simple—a will to exist and make the most of life. This week gives you an opportunity to recover willpower’s affect on your creation of life.

♑️  Capricorn  ♑️

Because this season is about imagining the numerous places you have yet to go, get some perspective on your future goals by reminding yourself where it is you came from. In some ways, no amount of personal agency can have too much of an affect on either of these things. You don’t decide who you’re born as—what makes you think you decide who you will be?

♒️  Aquarius  ♒️

All the theoretical items that you have been exploring can be implemented in some way. Rather than teaching, learn. Rather than reading, speak. Rather than observing, participate. It isn’t the things you know that make you but what you do. Take this time to see if your daily actions communicate your ideology and vice versa.

♓️  Pisces  ♓️

Because dependence is necessary for you right now, it is important to acknowledge the creation of agency through dependence. How does our dependence on capitalism, academia, family, and the state all serve to create a culture of independence and survival? In what ways are you able to strategically plan for the necessity of both in the living of your life?

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