Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Futuristic New Moon

Retreat a little in order to figure out what our image of society says about us.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women | Monday, October 16

This next week, both Mercury and Sun will slip into Scorpio. The last week of Libra season ends with a New Moon on Thursday—this means that we have to retreat a little in order to figure out what our image of society says about us. What are the things that you have learned about yourself as a social animal and your relationships these last 20-something days? Tie up any loose ends regarding how you want to seem to other people because the next stage is looking deep into what it is you mean to others.

The New Moon is opposite a retrograding Uranus in Aries this week, giving the cycle’s end a little kick. Uranus is the ability to break time. Thursday may be a little anachronistic and things from your past and your future start to line up so that they ultimately mean the same thing. Think about Prometheus (forethought) and his brother, named Afterthought. The magic of Uranus is that it tries to avoid a present that is not both historical and futuristic.

Mercury going into Scorpio also conjunct to Jupiter. These two planets are naturally opposed in astrology because they tend to have rulerships in opposing signs. When they conjunct, it’s a chance to make the details of our lives align with our basic principals and purpose while making sure that our abstract ideals serve the day to day. This conjunction keep both planets in check. It saves Mercury from getting too scattered and Jupiter from getting too lofty and self righteous.

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(These horoscopes are more accurate if you look at your rising sign, sun sign, and moon sign! If you don’t know your time of birth, sun and moon signs are fine.)

♈️  Aries ♈️

There’s a lot that you disagree with in society. The ways that we construct social representation and social capital is problematic. Let yourself rejoice in yourself and the work you do because the world around you needs it. Know that there’s no one else who can do the work that you are doing but that what you are doing it also constructed in relation to the larger world.

♉️  Taurus  ♉️

The disagreements in your workplace ultimately give you something to live within and react against. The crucial issue for you this Libra season has been about how your work is socially defined. Let yourself learn to talk to yourself about this. The next stage will be to find ways of transforming this society because you are the builder.

♊️  Gemini ♊️

You’re getting ready to shape what it is your can do. This next week, affirm what it is you want to create and how that will influence a larger humanity. You might be giving birth to a creative project or just affirming something on your own time. Whatever it is, make sure that the process is a way of showing yourself love first and it will be good to others.

♋️  Cancer ♋️

A little individualism is necessary for your this week. You’re due for a bit of rebelling. Use this time to reflect on your family using your own self as a mirror. Your roots construct you but you also construct your roots. You’ll need to understand both the separation and connections between you and your family, even your heritage, in order to survive.

♌️  Leo ♌️

The ways you reflect off of other people create images that scatter and project who you are. How do you mirror other people or talk to yourself in a mirror? Asking these questions will make you reflect on how this past season has made you shift your awareness of your socially constructed language. The most important question: who are you speaking to and what does this say about you?

♍️  Virgo ♍️

This is the last week to get your finances in order before everything shifts into the next chapter. Make sure your relationships validate you and other people value the person you are to feel good about yourself. Only when you value yourself will you invest in yourself. You may have to cut some people from your life if they don’t make you feel good about yourself.

♎️  Libra ♎️

This is a crucial time for you, Libra, and a time of self reflection. It’s a time when you decide what you need to forget and what you need to remember in the coming times ahead. Shape your future by making this an active process. It could take some solo writing or even just longer nights in bed so that you dream better. Your subconscious processes right now will influence you long term.

♏️  Scorpio  ♏️

Come out of your shell, as much as you’d like anyway, and just be yourself. This past season was about registering what you’re willing to lose and forget from your past. Now, you’re more aware of your internal processes and you’re getting ready to face the world. Use this week to think about how you want to face the world and get a makeover to look how you want to look.

♐️  Sagittarius ♐️

You’re getting ready to go into a yearly isolation and period of self reflection. This is why you’re making opinions of and with other people—so you have something to dwell on when you’re on your own. Let yourself just collect information this week and let things bounce off of you, leave their indentations. Notice and don’t avoid. Next week you’ll have to focus on healing.

♑️  Capricorn ♑️

Finish up a goal. Goals are just one part of your life because, ultimately, life is organic and completely undetermined. Finish up something known so that you can lose yourself in the unknown. You’re thinking very big picture right now and it’s okay to dream really big. The feeling that you get after you finish your project is the flavor of your future.

♒️ Aquarius ♒️

You’re done with a type of ideology or particular way of thinking for now. It’s time to see if the ideology actually serves you and your goals. Because this lifetime is all about being contained to the specificity that is you, you have to serve your own ends. This means that your sense of self is not static but constantly mutating. Let yourself focus on your goals—they’ve already changed.

♓️  Pisces ♓️

Now that you’ve spent the time that is necessary to close yourself off a little, it’s time to open yourself back up again. The relationships in your life should be more significant because you don’t need to invest in people who don’t invest in you. You can learn and talk with these people because they’re here to help you grow and you’ll help them grow.

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