Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: What’s Up, Pluto?

Pluto reflects all that we call terror.

Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: What’s Up, Pluto?
Monday, April 9

The Sun officially squares Pluto this week, which it only does twice a year. The square is an aspect that tells us something is changing, that the sands beneath our feet is stirring, and we’d better go loose and accept the rhythm of the shift or bones will be broken. Pluto, as the farthest planet, represents the limits of our subconscious. This Pluto in Capricorn is really about the slow culmination of capitalism. The Sun is a short term transit and shows where we’re getting our energy. With the square, there’s a disagreement with how we describe ourselves authentically and the larger wheels that are turning. The square tells us to make a decision.

Pluto reflects all that we call terror. When it was in Sagittarius, we fought on war on terror that was really colonialism. This week, it’s time to think about what is terrifying in 2018.

Watch for Mercury stationing direct – wherever you have your houses ruled by Gemini and Virgo is where you will do some backtracking! Maybe you had to make a decision this retrograde or things occurred so that you lived more consciously. Mercury retrograde is a wake up call. Now it’ll station where it began to go back. Let yourself dwell on what you’ve realized and then let yourself move on.

Also on Sunday is the new moon in Aries. As always with the new moon, go back somewhere and let yourself just be. It’s time to stop stretching and desiring and wanting, powerful as those things are, but to let yourself take it a little easy for once. Refresh your hormonal cycle with healthy foods and adjust your cycle so that you can relax in it again.

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Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


The expectations of your youth, the things your mother wanted you to be and still ask of you, can only be healed by you. You are literally bringing the new into the world and creating an experience that would not exist without you. As you bring that new world forth, you will change your context. You can’t change the world, Aries, but you can change your world.


Write a poem and have a dream, one that doesn’t have to be institutionally valid. Heal the wound of your academic life, those five paragraph essays teachers told you to dream and think in during school. Your imagination is as big and valid as anyone else’s. The institutions you’re in will function ruthlessly without you – consider that as you consider your participation.


It’s time to heal your past traumas with intimacy through community. Think about intimacy and distance — about the constantly distorted one way mirror that one on one relationships can be. Then consider the net of group relationships, sometimes cast into an empty ocean (or one polluted with oil). If you’re sick of intimacy, let yourself desire distance and difference.


There’s a lot on your plate and it’s up to you to rise up to the challenge. Things like success and popularity might make you feel jaded or run down, but it’s time to confront how you deal with these very real concepts in the world. Own the life that you really want to live by staring these concepts down and realizing they come from a part of you that you’ve forgotten to take with you.


You’re finally able to speak your mind at work. This week gives you a moment to figure out how to speak your mind through your work. How can you make the thing you do in your daily life the thing that makes give you spirit? How can you make a daily process of speaking out for the injustices you know are happening? This is life’s challenge to you right now. Think of it as a love letter.


It’s a gushy time for you. You’re dealing with desire right now and it is the most powerful thing in the world. If desire create new life, Virgo, then what does your desire tell you to do? Whet your appetite and let yourself feel your urges because they make you alive. New desire it the thing that will heal the trauma of your lost loves.


It’s a good week to do with feels natural to you, even if it means disappearing into the frame of another. Your dealing with your ancestors affect your relationships now. Listen to who calls your name. What are the things that, from before your birth, design your relationships to be the way they are now? Some things are beyond your control and require frustration.


Spring is a productive time for you, Scorpio, but there can be a tightening of time that confuses how much you think you’re ready for all the time. Get to know your body with your mind by seeing how it reacts to the plans you make for it. Don’t worry – if you’re not up for one thing one day, it doesn’t be you’ll never be up for it ever. Pace yourself and take your time.


Replace the younger version of yourself with someone who a little more young, someone who is mature about their youth, and courageous about the things they cannot change. It’s time to love yourself again, Sagittarius, and it’s your fears about money that make it difficult to do so. Face the fact that, for now, there’s something fishy going on in terms of money and deal with it.


Consider where you are returning to over where you are going this week. What was your family like and how did it create a perpetual discomfort as well as place of belonging? What were the ways that you’ve distinguished yourself from your family and how is that rebellion and anger a part of your inheritance? Face your ancestors this week, Capricorn, and you’ll face your history.


Stop worrying about being unique or standing out and get in tune with the times. The more your ideas are reflected and shared with others, the more meaningful they will actually be. Consider your relationships as direct reflections of how important your ideas are. The things is, with concept, words, and diagrams, the medium is the message.


What do you trust about yourself and what are you still working on trusting? How you use your money will speak to that. Do you believe that you will find work in the future? In what ways are your present actions reflective or how you wish money to come into your life? Consider the ways that you would like to use money in order to see how you should get it.

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