Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Summer Solstice Vibes

Happy Cancer season!

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Make things up along the way.

Happy Cancer season! It’s officially summer with the solstice coming up. This is the time of barbecues, of sweat, and of seasonal fruits. Everything is packed with nutrients right now so make sure that you get your fill by snacking on fruit and eating a lot of vegetables in your diet. Plants are also seeding, so its time to sow what you would like to reap for the near future, to pack all your lifelong dreams into a kernel of a mantra and put it somewhere womblike to nourish and feed.

Venus conjuncts the North Node this Tuesday — it’s the perfect moment to create something for the future. Have you always wanted to take some time to draw but have never prioritized it because of other concerns? Have you been writing poetry but never put all your fragments together? Maybe you make little tunes under your breath as you do your dishes but you haven’t ever made music or have a bunch of unfinished fan-fictions you’ve been meaning to get to. Do something creative on Tuesday that you’ve never give yourself a chance to do.

Neptune joins the rest of the retrograding planets to make everything a little fantastical. It’s a great time to write fiction, to submerge yourself in a story, or to create images — all for the sake of reimagining the world. Nothing has to make sense right now — just run with it and make things up along the way.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You have almost as big an imagination as will to manifest right now. You can literally do anything you want, on your own time, and by yourself. Focus on being you and getting your stuff done. Live in your house and just imagine what you’d like to be like as an older person, whether that’s ten years or thirty years down the line. Spend time with yourself.


Make sense of your home. Figure out where you are located and what that means to you. Your home base changes the stakes of everything else in your life. Move if you need to — there’s no reason in staying put somewhere that doesn’t make you live to your fullest. Make sure that you’re tasting enough good things in life that you’re always hungry for more.


Get down to earth. Figure out your money and work situation. Maybe you need to ask for a raise lest you begin to feel undervalued. Maybe it’s time to make moves with your goals. Make sure that you imagination is big enough for the infinite amount of things that you are truly capable of. Find a way to plan for resisting the world as you make your place in it.


Happy birthday, Cancer! You’re at your most courageous because you feel the most supported this time of the year. Figure out the things you need to figure out now that you can put your fears aside for the moment. Celebrate yourself and your existence in the world, knowing that it will go on in unexpected ways. Love yourself a little more this week.


It’s the little things that you need to pay attention to, if you want to figure out what’s really going on in your life. Take care of the forgotten things, the neglected things, and the secret things. You’re far deeper than you know and all your relationships can get to a place that you haven’t even experienced before. Take it slow.


It’s time for friendship, the most wonderful time of the year. You’re so chill this time of the year that you’re finally able to just sit and enjoy the company of the people in your life without worrying that you’re wasting time. Hang out with friends and plan a few get togethers. Make new friends and get closer to existing ones. Find company in the world.


Think about what you want to establish until it’s as a concrete a fact as the sky being blue in the world – what you wish you can take for granted but just can’t, not just yet. You’re trying to negotiate with your past self about what to do with your time. Honor your present self but forgive your younger self. Trust that you’ll live an experience that you’ve been craving.


You’re full of big ideas — ideas about what you’re going to be when you’re older than you are now, ideas about the world at large, and ideas about what makes you truly yourself. Put these ideas into action so that you can live your most authentic life. Hold your own nature dear by choosing who you’re showing it off to and the manner that you show it.


Make fantastic statements about anything and everything. You’re beautiful and wise because you’re never afraid of saying the wrong thing, Sagittarius. Every mistake you make makes you grow a little stronger and bigger. Talk shit about the universe and its physical laws. Express frustration about your inability to teleport (yet). And don’t forget – be funny about it.


Write some poetry. It’s like you’re flirting with the world because it’s so beautiful and warm right now and, some part of you perpetually believes in your own coldness. Let yourself melt in the shade today. It’s hard for you to accept the plentifulness of the universe. Spent time just accepting the many joys that life will hand you over and over again by talking to yourself through words.


It’s time to reimagine your financial fate. If you subconsciously believe that you’ll always be stuck in dead end jobs, it’s keeping you static. If you subconsciously think that you’ll make it as a millionaire eventually, it’s alienating you from actual class dynamics. Figure out what your subconscious financial decisions are due to the class you were brought up to be.


There’s the potential that you’re seeing everything as a total game. When you do that, everything is conflicting. You’re brilliant but you need to ground yourself in action. How do you make the sensations and frequencies you sense into a ritual that you can intentionally repeat whenever you feel the need? Once you learn that, you’ll know self control.

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