Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Say Goodbye To Your Past Self

After the eclipse, you’re not the person you were before.

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Saturn, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune, Mercury, and Mars are all still in retrograde. This week, we recover from the lunar eclipse. With Saturn square Venus, Jupiter square Sun, and Mars square Uranus, this week keeps us pretty busy. Without air, it is difficult to communicate this week.

After the eclipse, you’re not the person you were before. Say goodbye to your past self. It’s time for a new identity to inhabit that lets you strategically take on the world as it is. Mars is still important this week but it will ask you what unknown paths are at your disposal and unusual tactics you can use. If something you do is too easy or gives you too much credibility, then it is not worth doing. You might feel exhausted playing nice with things that used to make you happy but no longer do.

Don’t move yet. There’s no much at pause. You will confuse yourself. Instead, sit back and observe to understand yourself inside and out. What makes you curious and ready for the world? What makes you distrust yourself? Words are difficult this week, and your communications reveal far more than you’re ready to reveal. Remember that your intentions matter far less than the outcome.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Create and play. Spend your time making your empire and have fun while you do it. Support your creative practice with a thirst for the new and don’t forget that originality is your secret power. It’s tine to make something happen, even if it’s something really silly. Only do the things that make you laugh inside. Choose the interesting thing.


Does your home look the way you want it to? Are you comfortable inside of it? Make your space truly your space. If you need some new furniture, pictures, or plants, find some. You want to love your home deeply and making changes is a part of that process. Spend some time loving every single one of your things and get rid of the ones that you don’t.


It’s time to think, to joke, to wonder, and to tell tall tales. It’s your favorite time of the year. Your brain is more agile than ever. Prevent your innate curiosity from developing into mania by replenishing your body with plenty of omega 3’s and staying away from sugar. Your mind is racing anyway and pick up books that you want to read right now to use it.


There’s something about self worth and money that you’ve learned which can help other people. Be brave enough to share it. Disclose some secrets about your relationship with money and provide assurance to those younger than you. Your past battles and discarded selves become sources of inspiration for those who are going through similar things.


You’re beautiful, Leo, and you’re here for a while. Look at yourself in the mirror and think about how others might think of you when they daydream about you. Make changes to your daily grooming and styling to suit the ways you’ve developed over the past year. Make sure that you image suits your integrity.


Rest. It’s not a good time to do any work, to start anything, or produce feverishly. You need to lay down, stretch your aches and pains away, and do nothing but stare at the ceiling and let your thoughts run wild. If you can’t do that, then you won’t be able to figure out what matters to you. Find your secret place and let yourself inhabit it.


Make sure that, as you network, you don’t lose your own truth. Too often, our networks operate as our chains. Don’t obsess over fitting in and, instead, choose to spend your time with people who you respect and who respect you, regardless of whether they agree with you or not. Resist being with people who are too similar to you.


You’re obsessed with your career this week. You want to make it big and you will, if you remember to have fun. This is a good week for finishing a project and showing it to the world. It’s a good week for getting feedback and using it to rebuild yourself. The more you can laugh at yourself, Scorpio, the more people love to witness you.


The ways you position yourself institutionally come up again and again. You will know it if you do not feel completely comfortable. You will get prodded to search for truths. You might feel pressure to speak your mind on issues that you care about. Make sure that you are informing yourself and others and you will win your heart back.


Have fun with sex. Heal yourself and other people with your ability to create intimate encounters. Build trust in intimacy and play a sex game as a trust exercise. This will help you trust yourself and your partner more. It will help you trust your own capacity for pleasure so that you learn how to access it in new ways.


Do a love spell, even if you’re seeing someone or if there is no one in particular who you like. Open your life up to love. You’re obsessed with your relationships and how you appear to others, even if you don’t want to admit it, so why not have some fun with it? Change subtle things with your appearance and see how people react.


Every hormonal cycle is a expression of you. Live your own experience. Focus on your own sense of flow. Get your menstrual cycle regular and plan three meals a day. Choose foods that make sense for your body and rituals that nourish it. Take the time to notice when and if you feel out of sorts so that you can make the changes you need.

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