Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

The colors that you allow yourself to see in the world are changing.

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A inevitable economic turning point:

May 15, 2018 — which is a Tuesday — keep this date in mind. Remind yourself what you were doing on this date. Keep a record because this is a turning point. Besides the New Moon, which always starts a cycle, Uranus transits into Taurus that same day. Uranus transits are strong and strange things happen under them. In Taurus, Uranus’s potential for revolution is even stronger because it is in its fall — it’s hard for this planet to be in this sign so it acts out.

It’s impossible to tell what will happen with Uranus in Taurus just like it was impossible to tell how Uranus in Aries, which happened near the middle of Obama’s presidency, would entail. We might face the consequences of our destabilizing economic system. Remember that, for the past seven years, the consequences of war (Aries) and human migration/trafficking have changed our social fabric completely. 

As we enter Uranus in Taurus, we have a situation where almost every single person in the world is getting poorer, including those in the first world of the United States, all the money is being dumped into the speculative market so that only corporations get richer and safer, and all the risk needed for economic growth has been pushing onto the working bodies of an increasingly insecure underclass. This is the situation that Uranus is Taurus makes us face and its consequences are inevitable.

Let yourself ritualize your own personal turning point and find the frequency of a new beginning on Tuesday. However, understand that whatever changes society these next seven years will be inevitable and out of your control.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂

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For the next seven years, you’ll have to innovate your own needs and expectations of stability. All these years you spend saving money or not saving money only matters in the context of the decisions you make now. You’ll change the game when it comes to your money. This process might involve some anger and defiance. In short, you’ll find that your capacity to lose some things prove more valuable for you in the long run.


You will not be the person you thought you were by the end of these next seven years. Every goal you have now, all your motivation, will get flipped on its head. Try to be in control of change in your life, Taurus, by creating it. If you sit until things flip, you won’t have any say in what goes down. Make a decision that strives for some type of liberation. Love your authenticity.


The colors that you allow yourself to see in the world are changing. Your mental sketch of the world as a system will warp itself these next seven years. This will change everything. It will change the things you dare to imagine and dream about and will make you aware of how you romanticize your life. The story that you tell the imaginary kids you hang out with in your imagined old age about your current life is changing.


The people that inspire you to be your very best self are changing, which means that your best self is no longer your best. If you become perfectionistic about it, your best self can quickly become your worst. You’re over some things, including what you want to mean to the world and your own ambitions. Now you’re beginning the work of gathering people for the future.


The more people you can involve and give credit for your success, the bigger and better it will be. You will be challenged to involve people other than yourself in your personal journey. It is your choice as to whether you want all these people on your side or against you. If you want support, you’ll find that you have to offer support first. Find your generosity and you might see your dreams come true.


If you’ve ever dreamed of how you can function in any kind of institution, these seven years will reverse that thinking. You might get opportunities but only if you promote to yourself that you’ll fuck things up once you get there. You’ll deal with institutions trying to co-opt your inner revolution and your fantasies of criticality will change in that you’ll have to become someone even you weren’t expecting.


It’s very difficult to ask yourself what you could mean to other people. Who do you need and who needs you? If you keep yourself perpetually fresh by imitating new people in your life, Libra, you never matter to anyone. The next seven years will ask you to stay in someone’s life and deal with the power dynamics that you like to avoid the most. You will learn to love for real.


The patterns of the past don’t matter anymore in this economy of exchange and you’d better get used to it. Your social capital is turning in some way and all this depends on what your labels are and how well they fit in or stand out. Your relationships will not be the same because you won’t mean the same person to the people in your life. You will question which attachments feel like dependencies.


The way you use, measure, and sell your time will change these next seven years. You might get a new job and you might work in industries that are not so stable. Focus on developing your skill set and not your employment history. This will make you more independent, which you need. If you can learn a new skill with each new job you take on, then it is worth your time.


The work that you take so seriously that you want to do with all of your willpower will come to you to be done. However, you will not be the only person who wants to see the change that you need to see in the world. These next seven years, make your ego stronger by detaching it from your work and making room for others to come in and wreck things. Take a risk with someone else.


You will not be able to sit in your room and wax poetic about your ideas, hiding from people and watching them, these next seven years. You will have to put yourself in the situation and watch yourself behave in less than ideal ways. It’s as if you get a little smaller this year and the people around you increase in importance. This will nourish you, Aquarius, if you let your relationships nourish you.


These seven years, everything about how you communicate will change. You will invest more time in developing your skills of language and these skills will give you greater freedom in the world. It is important that you do not see the beauty you create as inconsequential or disposable as you often do. It is important that you find ways of sustaining your own process of reflection.

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