Weekly Horoscopes for Queer Women: Basking In Pleasure

How are you basking in the glow of the full moon?

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This week’s Full Moon in Sagittarius trines Chiron in Aries and North Node in Leo. It’s about healing the self, healing anger, in order to move forward. Most of our planets are in air or water right now so we are primarily reacting to things, not instigating them. This is the right time to finish off something and consider what you have accomplished as well as where you’d like to go next.

A big part of this Full Moon is making the decision to have absolute pleasure in the world.

Playing nice isn’t a pretty look anymore and neither is the pain that comes with it. You deserve the complete pleasure of being alive and loving life. You deserve to realize this on the Full Moon and you deserve to do whatever you can, or nothing at all, to find this pleasure. Just by being alive, you are entitled to the pleasure your living body can feel.

So, this Full Moon, make some plans for the summer. Don’t make them about other people’s standards or things you no longer believe in but make them have everything to do with your absolute pleasure.


Your spirit is why you are alive. Breath life back into yourself by doing the things you love, by putting yourself in places where you see new things, and by swallowing this thing called life whole, like you can’t get enough of it. There’s no way that the same old routine is going to cut it anymore. You want to start new.


Desire — that’s the secret of life. This is the week that you take joy from all the cravings you have, for people, for food, for smells, for fictional entities. Desire is where you get your raw energy from so you need to dip your head into it and just want everything that you want. Combat apathy with appetite and trust yourself in what you want.


Every person who exists in your life, who is allowed to know you and associate with you and take up your time must bring you pleasure. Otherwise, the relationship is unsustainable. Allowing yourself to look for pleasure in every relationship will give you more love in all its types, a form for every person you find and sometimes lose.


Your body must bring you pleasure. Same with each and every day that passes. This isn’t just about doing something nice for yourself everyday in order to compensate for a job and routine that brings you pain. This is about designing your commitments so that everything is only about pleasure because productivity only exists through life.


Go back to being that person you were before you met anyone else in life. You have a physical memory of that life, even if you can’t conceptualize it. Don’t waste time with words — you know what is best for you in your heart. This week is here for you to find your heart again and what makes you, singularly, tick.


Your home needs to guarantee you the safety you need to find what makes life pleasurable for you. It needs to be a place where you have absolutely comfort so that you can make yourself uncomfortable where it matters. Love your room of your own this week and take pleasure in having a place to just be.


If you’re bored, then stop putting any energy at all into anything that doesn’t capture your imagination and inspiration. You need to find out what makes you curious again. This might be a poem, story, or picture – mostly likely, it won’t be something that’s in good taste. You’ll have to taste it to make sure.


You know your pleasure in your flesh. It’s all the extra stuff, the games, the tricks, and stories that we tell that trick you into pain. Live as a body this week and only do the things that feel absolutely right and good. Let yourself be stationary so that you shift some of your numbness away from your form and feel good again.


If you’re sick of the ways you fit into the world, then it’s going to literally make you sick. You need to change the ways you see yourself in your mind’s eye so that you can imagine yourself in new place or in old places as a new person. When you are familiar, than so does everything else. Change what you believe you are and you’ll change what you are.


Capricorn, stop punishing yourself and start rewarding yourself for enjoying what you enjoy. This is the time for doing only what you enjoy. Stop producing and start living. You have to let yourself consume what your life is made of to taste what it feels like. Allow yourself to need and allow yourself to ask for pleasure in your life.


Be with people. Just be with them, without needing to prove a point. The more you listen, the better you will feel about yourself on the inside. It’s your connections with people that have to be healed this week and you’re learning a new way of accepting other people. First, you’ll have to feel accepted yourself.


Any career goals you have must be redesigned for your pleasure. This is tricky business because most careers out there were designed with your pain in mind — but tricks are what keep you on your toes and you can play them well. The typical desires are going to drive you up the wall. Find your truly original goals and you can create your freedom only if you enjoy it.

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