Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Eclipse Of The Heart

Cancer, you need to value yourself before anyone else will do so for you.

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It’s almost eclipse season. This Tuesday, Mercury conjuncts transiting North Node in Leo. The things that you are thinking about, reading about, and looking at have a direct link to where your soul wants to go. Right now, we’re supposed to be looking for what makes us feel alive, what makes us individuals, and what we are able to create in the world. Mercury in Leo will bring all those issues to the forefront of your mind. This is the best time to do some writing.

Chiron goes retrograde on Wednesday and will retrograde until December. Because Chiron is in early Aries, this means that it will go back into Pisces for a bit. Our survival complexes are under examination. What do we feel like we need to do to survive? What has that led us to believe about ourselves? What choices does that make us think we have to make?

Finally, we have a last quarter moon on Friday. Start to retreat this weekend. You’ve just finished a monthly cycle of being active, making decisions, and eating right. Spend some time by yourself and make sure that you get plenty of rest. Plan at least one day this weekend to sleep in for as long as you want, until you wake up naturally. Go to bed early to get your sleep schedule back on track.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


It’s through having fun that you’ve able to create your goals and make new ideas. That’s why you’re a visionary. The more fun you’re able to have, the further you’re able to carry yourself. Make fun a priority in your life — your work life and your personal life. There’s no point in doing anything if it isn’t enjoyable for yourself. That said, having fun also takes work.


Spend time in your house, in your room, and away from anyone except those closest to you. Just exist in your own space. Make that space comfortable by cleaning it and arranging things you like to see into it. Your bedroom is your subconscious and will affect how cluttered your mind is or what you tend to think about. Clean your room and clean your dream space.


Communicate creatively. Don’t just say the expected thing or what everyone is expecting. Say the things that no one is expecting. Having some fun with your communication style will make you better understood in your groups of friends. You’ll find yourself better inspired not just by the people who you are around but by your own role you play around people.


You need to value yourself before anyone else will do so for you. Doing so will give you a much better idea of what your long term goals are. If you don’t believe that you are a worthwhile being, then you won’t have the capacity to imagine any kind of future for yourself. First, just believe that you and everything you’re good at is worthy. Then, everything else will follow.


You’re healing your relationship to an institution. If you work in one, look at how you’re reacting to that space. If you went to school, think about what you internalized. You need to have fun just to survive in the world and you can’t do that if you’re still carrying the voice of some teacher long ago who hated you in your head. Talk back to your critic’s voice.


Solitude is important for you this week. You need to be alone to fully appreciate how relationships affect you in a deep way. Make something on your own that isn’t related to your job or your public persona, or with what you want to do with your life. Just make something willy nilly. It will heal the relationship you have with your own needs and desires.


Are the community initiatives in your life worth it? Are you having fun as you dream of a better tomorrow with you and your community? Yes, organizing takes work but it also must be a good time in order for it to be effective. Heal your friendships and relationships with coworkers by making your efforts as a team fun for everyone involved.


Where do you really want to go with your life? Make sure that every small effort you obsess over and work hard at is worth the bigger picture of what you want to experience in the world. Remember that, in the end, as the world’s biggest secret troll, you want to make fun of the world. Don’t take things that seriously and you’ll find that you actually get more out of life.


Go somewhere. It’s time to see yourself in another place, in another way. Doing so will heal your relationship with yourself and give you more self confidence. Try doing something that you have never done before and know that you are not good at, just to rehearse the way you act when you make mistakes. Keep your elasticity healthy and you will love yourself.


Heal the place your heart lives. You want sex to be fun for yourself and all parties included – so work to make sure that it is. The way you experience other people’s emotions can be incredibly enjoyable when you create a way to express your empathy. Make this expression a daily practice. Feel another person’s heart beat and fall in love.


Have some fun with friends. If someone isn’t fun for you to be around, chances are that you won’t want to be around them anymore. If you have any important relationships in your life, this week is when you’re supposed to heal them by reminding yourself how to have fun with people again. Nourish your heart by laughing with people, not at them.


Having fun is a tremendous effort. Do you have the energy to have fun if you’re too tired to after a hard day’s work? Are you prioritizing things that you actually enjoy and can do exceptionally well? Remember to use your strengths at work, not to just focus on the things you need to work on. Do what you already do well so that you enjoy your efforts and see them pay off.

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