Uncle Offers To Walk Lesbian Niece Down The Aisle After Her Father Refused

The ally we need!

Reddit can be a hellscape or a heaven depending on what you search for, but today, it gives us happy gay story. A Reddit post created by ConcernEquivalent744 is taking the internet by storm, given the touching story he shared about his niece.

ConcernEquivalent744’s niece is engaged to be married, and her parents have decided to not attend the ceremony due to a “mental block” over her sexual orientation. The post went on to share that the niece was asked to postpone her wedding day in order to give her parents more time to get comfortable with the idea of her being married to another woman.

Uncle ConcernEquivalent744 rightfully told his niece it was “bullsh*t” and that he would happily walk her down the aisle instead.

ConcernEquivalent744 is no stranger to being an ally– his own teen son came out a little over a year ago, and was reassured “who he loves will only ever matter… as far as making sure that the person he loves makes him happy. […] I reminded him [the dad] that my son is gay, too, and I need to make sure that he knows he’s safe with us, and I’d be doing a pretty p**s-poor job of doing that if I took my braindead homophobe brother’s side over my niece’s.”

He reached out to the Reddit community, asking if he could’ve handled the situation better, as he wants to give room for understanding his own brother and sister, at his sister’s urging to “judge less and listen more.” I think you already know what most Redditor’s responses were.

You go ConcernEquivalent744!

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