Tiktok Star Dylan Mulvaney Debuts “The Face Reveal” After Facial Feminization Surgery


She. Looks. GORGINA.

Dylan Mulvaney, the TikTok star made famous by her “Days Of Girlhood” series, revealed her new look today after undergoing facial feminization surgery late last year. Her stunning look is debuted in a highly stylized video called “The Face Reveal” in which Dylan wears beautiful pieces by Cameron Hughes and AMSALE. The futurism meets old Hollywood vibe is too much for our gay hearts to take and all we can say is: GORGINA.


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Before sharing her new face with the world and following her surgery, Mulvaney shared a post of her bandaged face to Instagram along with an important message. “A friendly reminder as we start the new year: Not all trans people desire affirming surgeries or hormones. They are still trans. But when we do, it’s a necessity and a win. Please show up for all trans people the way you’ve showed up for me.”


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Mulvaney continues to be a key voice in transgender activism. In October 2022, she spoke with President Joe Biden at the White House about issues affecting the health and safety of trans people across the country. Keep showing our community what it means to be beautiful inside and out, Dylan!

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