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Lola Montes, MIX Festival and more…


Through the wonder of technology the 1955 French film Lola Montés has been restored and re-edited to bring back the glory of what has been described as one of the greatest films of all time. This is the only film to be selected for the New York Film Festival three times (1963, 1969 and 2008). Starting Oct 10, check it out at the Film Forum.

For a modern take on an age-old story, check out The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela, which is a mostly-true story about a transsexual prostitute in the Philippines. The story follows Raquela as she navigates through jobs and relationships in an attempt to find satisfaction and learns that nothing far away beats life back home. Now playing at Quad Cinema.

Out on the eastern end of Long Island this month is the Hamptons International Film Festival, October 15–19, which is dedicated to celebrating fresh voices in independent film. Previous years have shown impressive films such as Hotel Rwanda, The Triplets of Belleville and The Cooler. This year’s lineup of events and films include conversations with Frances McDormand and Jacqueline Bisset, and Haze, a film about the epidemic of college alcohol abuse.

Also on the same dates in the South Street Seaport is the MIX Festival, which focuses on queer films and film-makers, particularly the experimental kind. Previous years have included films such as Andy Warhol’s Blow Job and the first screening of Paris Is Burning. Check in with later in coming weeks for film schedule.

Tune in for the final two Presidential Debates before the election. The debate on the 7th will be a town hall meeting, hosted by Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, in which the candidates will answer questions from undecided voters living in the Nashville area who have been chosen by the Gallup Organization. The final round of debates will be hosted by Hofstra University on the 15th and will focus on domestic policy and will conclude with final statements from each candidate.

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