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Dark Streets, The L Word, Milk and more!


Opening Dec 26 in theaters nationwide is Dark Streets, the tale of a troubled nightclub owner who searches for the reason the lights won’t stay on in the city after the death of his power plant-owning father. Told through familiar tunes as well as original songs, the film is a musical journey through Gotham in the 1930s starring Gabriel Mann and Bijou Philips. Sultry and seductive, the blues and jazz soundtrack is almost as gorgeous as the sexy songbirds featured in it.

Now available on the In The Life website ( are exclusive extended clips with some of the best guests from the popular series A Conversation With…, including Randi Weingarten (President, American Federation of Teachers) and Alan Van Capelle (Executive Director, Empire State Pride Agenda). Get more insight into what important members of the LGBT community are saying in footage not seen on television.

Now playing in limited release and opening up nationwide at the beginning of Jan is Milk, the much-anticipated film about the last eight years of the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man (but not person, mind you) elected to public office. This is a film you don’t want to miss and with all the Oscar buzz that’s flying around, its hard to imagine how you could. See our review of the film on page 48.

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