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Get transported to the fast-paced world of a bustling Tel Aviv café just moments before a suicide bomber enters in the intense one-woman play Dai, Nov 12–Mar 2 at the 47th St Theater. Brought to life through actress, comedian and ex-Israeli army sergeant Iris Bahr, Dai features members of all strata of Israeli society, as well as its observers and critics, captured in what are to be their final moments. Dai is ultimately an exploration of the humanity of Israel, a society that manages to sustain its humor and love for life despite the tragic existential crisis in which two different sides find themselves.

Cindy Pierce’s Finding the Doorbell, at The Wings Theatre Nov 7–11, is a hilarious ode to the female anatomy—from orgasms, self-stimulation, birthing and the like. Cindy guides the audience on a tour of the female body, complete with her own trademark brand of comedic physicality and stand-up delivery. It’s Kathy Griffin meets Lily Tomlin in a hilarious, no holds barred evening. Whether you are a woman, man, gay, straight, or anything in between, there is something in Finding the Doorbell for you.

In a fusion of music, poetry and art, an ensemble cast captivatingly depicts the early life of the revolutionary, yet surprisingly little known artist, Mina Loy, in Mina, at La MaMa Nov 8–25. Visit Victorian England, Bavarian Munich, Bohemian Paris and Futurist Florence in a story of one woman’s struggle to be herself in a world where women were subjects, not artists. This bold performance examines and embraces the life of this early feminist, whose talent, intellect and exceptional beauty made her one of the central figures of the literary and visual avant-garde in Europe and America.

Maieutic Theatre Works is pleased to announce the world premiere production of Arpeggio, at the 45th Street Theatre Nov 1–18. Directed by Cristina Alicea, Arpeggio tells the story of two new roommates whose secrets devastate their illusions and lives, spotlighting America’s obsession with celebrity and its tragic effects. The musical is performed with an onstage rock band showcasing the talents of composer Alec Bridges and the musical arrangements of Sarah Chaney.

All-female theater group Brawdeville performs their live online interactive show Third Rail Alive, now through Nov 4 at the Etsy offices in DUMBO. The troupe is introducing an inventive, truly interactive style of mixed-media theater by simultaneously performing for a live New York audience and in front of a global online audience via Etsy’s online auditorium. Third Rail Alive brings the harsh and sometimes hilarious realities of the New York subway system to light in this fun, unpredictable,
all-original show.

Now through Nov 30 at HERE Arts Center, catch The Theatre of a Two-headed Calf explore the 18th-century Japanese Chikamatsu play Drum of the Waves of Horikawa. Loud, violent, transgressive and fueled by radical politics, both Kabuki and 1970s punk rock represented unforgiving performance movements that captured the stories of social discord. Combining live music performed by two drummers, a keyboardist and a bass player with traditional elements of Japanese performance, the show reinterprets this classic that teems with lying, cheating, drinking and assassination.

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