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Out Loud and Proud III, Chava Alberstein and the Melodia Women’s Choir…


Back by popular demand, NJPAC’s Alternate Routes brings you Hip Hop: Out, Loud and Proud III on Nov15 in Newark, NJ. The program features hip hop and spoken word artists of various sexualities, gender identities, and ethnicities who will explore human sexuality, each in their own way. Hosted by Pandora Scooter, a self-identified “queermamasapien” and all-around artist, the show will feature many thought-provoking artists, including (one of our favorite groups) God-des and She.

Hailed as Israel’s most accomplished vocalist, Chava Alberstein has a discography of over 50 albums, many of which have gone gold or platinum, and a career that spans four decades. Her recordings have been produced in at least five languages and run the gamut from traditional Jewish melodies to Gershwin classics and from Lennon and McCartney to her own original compositions. She will be performing for one night on Nov 16 at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts as part of their World Stages series.

Performing on Nov 15 & 16 at St. Peter’s Church is the Melodia Women’s Choir, led by Stonewall Chorale conductor Cynthia Powell. This program will be a holiday concert entitled “Wrapped in Song” and will feature the talents of Elaine Christy on the harp. The choir is composed of 32 women who are dedicated to the exploration, development and support of women’s voices. Even though we certainly aren’t in a hurry to get the holiday rush feeling started, we can’t help but say this is a great way to start the season off right.

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