The Very Best of NYC Dance

Chaos Sex Machina, Abigail Levine and more…

May 15–17 at the WOW Café Theatre, LocNLode Productions presents Chaos Sex Machina, a multimedia production that explores the curiosities of love, obsession and sex through film, dance, musical arrangements and poetry. Amy Ouzoonian, writer, dancer, choreographer and producer, blends video, dance and manipulated sound into a cohesive performance connecting human emotions with addiction, electronics with animals and violence with sanctity. Dancers Katie Tikkun, Erica Parker and Alma Carrasco will translate motion into emotion.

On May 18, June 1 and June 8, And Possibility superimposes the color-rich images and fantasies of tourism onto the backdrops of our city’s neighborhoods. Choreographer Abigail Levine creates a world of imagined discovery and leisure, in which everything and everyone is a potential souvenir. The troupe of 10 dancers and musicians emerge from the crowd, conjuring images of a circus caravan, a band of traveling salesmen, a wayward tour group and a New Orleans Second Line band. Exuberantly off-timed dances and scenes promoting destinations from Arkansas and Indonesia are framed and veiled by a simple, mobile set. The performers wind their way through emblematic outdoor NYC locations, including Columbus Circle and the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Company XIV is proud to present the world premiere of The Judgment of Paris, an erotically charged show with a unique fusion of dance, theatre and music. By reinterpreting the classic myth of Helen of Troy and the Trojan War, The Judgment of Paris explores archetypes prevalent in Greek literature, tracing them through history and equating Helen of Troy (the first blonde bombshell) to other blondes throughout time: Marilyn, Marlene, Brigitte Bardot, etc. Humorous interludes, supplied by Offenbach’s comic opera La Belle Helene, tantalize throughout the evening. Equal parts classical, contemporary, historical and pop art, this show defies easy categorization.

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