The Very Best of NYC Comedy/Variety

Nutcracker Rouge, Carnival Round the Central Figure and more…

Company XIV’s theatre space in Brooklyn is host to Nutcracker Rouge, a sparkling reimagining of the beloved Nutcracker tale told with erotic, sensual, and opulent flair. From the twisted mind of director/ choreographer Austin McCormick comes this hedonistic display of gorgeous and decadent winter entertainment. Don’t miss this baroque-burlesque confection of dance, theatre, and sumptuous design. Through Jan 9. Company XIV is donating half of the box office proceeds form the show to the Ali Forney Center.

The UCBTourCo Show, landing at the Highline Ballroom Dec 29, serves two hilarious halves of the freshest longform improv in the nation. The TourCo cast, hand-picked from the best improv comedians in New York City and Los Angeles, are the "next wave" of comedy superstars from the theatre that launched Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, Rob Corddry (The Daily Show), and Ed Helms (The Office).

At the IRT Theater beginning Jan 17, Diana Amsterdam’s Carnival Round the Central Figure brings the macabre back to New York City. In a staging by Karen Kohlhaas reminiscent of the carnal exorbitance of carnival’s heyday, the show features a cast of characters pulled straight from the murky depths of the human psyche. Carnival is a hilarious, bizarre, and poignant story of the meaning of death, of dying with dignity, and the ancient dilemma of living for a life after death.

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