Tegan And Sara Announce They’re Working On New Music And We’re Excited AF

We can barely contain our excitement.

Just when you were worried that we’ve gone too long without hearing anything from our favorite lesbian sister pop-duo Tegan and Sara (a whole year without new music?) they’ve decided to let us in on their newest project: their ninth studio album. The band announced the first day of recording on their Twitter page, acknowledging their love of the work being done at the Tegan and Sara Foundation but excitingly discussing what they could of the upcoming music.

Apparently, the duo couldn’t stand having a year “off” without doing something creative, and they decided to embark on creating “something new.” While the tweet noted that not much can be said quite yet about the album, it also hinted that Tegan and Sara “stumbled on something pretty special” that “sparked a record [they] were destined to make.” So, who knows what the sisters have in store for us. Whatever it is, though, it’ll definitely be gay AF, and we can barely contain our excitement.

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