Street Talkers ’08 Election Edition

For this installment of Street Talkers, GO stepped off the street and into New York’s swanky Sunday brunch party, Stiletto, to ask their savvy patrons: Who are you voting for and why?

Name: Justina

Age: 22

Residence: Brooklyn

Occupation: Administrative assistant

Last book read: Perfume by Patrick Süskind

Your Vote: I plan to vote for Obama because there’s just no way that I can endorse the policies of McCain or anything that Palin stands for—they’re just not the best candidates for the presidency. And I firmly believe that America will go spiraling further down and into flames if Devil McCain and Palin get elected, and I also believe that Obama is the best person for the job.

Important Issues: Um, I would put a big umbrella over it and say women’s rights.

Does being queer affect your decision? It definitely gives me kind of a minority opinion so I’m concerned about how the minority is going to be affected by different policies, and I’m not really so much concerned about a majority of people who are going to benefit by something; I’m wondering how it’s going to affect a smaller sector of society.

What Do You Think?