National Monument to be Built Outside Stonewall Inn

Park outside historic bar to be designated national park; national monument to be built within

Though The Stonewall Inn is already a New York City historic landmark because of the role it’s played in LGBT history, President Barack Obama may now officially declare the park out front a national park. A monument will then be built within and given national landmark status to honor the area's rich history. In President Obama’s final months, it is evident he is making strides to assist the LGBT community. If the proposal is passed, Christopher Street Park will be listed as a national park, with a monument built within given national landmark status alongside Mount Rushmore and The Stature of Liberty. Federal officials Sally Jewell and Jonathon Jarvis will meet next month in New York and, if there are no complications, pass the proposal just in time for pride month. If (and hopefully when) the proposal is granted and the to-be-built monument given landmark status, this will be the first national monument granted the distinction in honor of an event in LGBT history.

According to The New York Times, Corey Johnson, the NYC Councilman of Stonewall’s district, said, “There are few locations that can be cited as the birthplace of a global movement. One such location is The Stonewall Inn.”

Located in Greenwich Village, The Stonewall Inn has been dubbed by many as “the birthplace of Pride” due to the riots that took place outside after a police raid on the bar in June of 1969. Though accustomed to police antagonization, patrons decided on this night to fight back, sparking a movement that ushered in a new era of gay-rights activism. 


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