‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Star Mary Wiseman Confirms She Is Queer In New Interview

Space: the final frontier. And now, space is getting just a little bit gayeer now that Mary Wiseman, who currently stars in “Star Trek: Discovery,” has come out — and confirmed it.

In a new interview with Forbes, 35-year-old Wiseman, who plays fan favorite Ensign Tilly, came out, thanks to the unpredictability of digital equipment. In the discussion, the interviewer joked with Wiseman, saying “It’s nice that [the producers] let the straight people also be part of Star Trek” in reference to the wide array of queer cast members on the show, including Ian Alexander, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, and Blu Del Barrio. Show co-creator Bryan Fuller is also out.

In response, Wiseman tried to answer, but according to Forbes, her audio cut out after she said “I’m not straight.” Afterward, wanting to confirm what she’d said, the interviewer reached out to Wiseman in a Twitter DM.

“I did say this!” wrote Wiseman. “It’s not a big deal at all, I just didn’t want to say I’m straight when I’m not!”

Wiseman does not identify as straight but is in a relationship with co-star Noah Averbach-Katz, whom she married in 2019. The actress noted that she “loved people of all genders” before they started dating.  She also mentioned that she was always nervous to be outwardly loud about her sexuality, as she is a “straight-presenting” woman and didn’t want to take the conversation away from those who are more visibly queer.

“I never liked it when straight-presenting women dominated conversations about bisexuality/pansexuality when I was with women, so I try not to do it now,” she told the website.

“Star Trek: Discovery” just recently wrapped shooting for its third season on CBS’ straight-to-streaming services. Wiseman has also appeared in FX’s “Baskets,” Netflix’s “Longmire,” the award-winning film “Marriage Story,” Hulu’s “Difficult People,” and HBO’s “Room 104.”

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