Sarah Paulson Is Still Head Over Heels For Holland Taylor

After almost a decade together.

After nine years together, Sarah Paulson still gushes over her girlfriend Holland Taylor whenever she gets the chance. In a recent interview on The View, Paulson shared what it is that she loves so much about Taylor.

“I am thrilled and I feel very lucky to be with a person who is smarter, wiser, wittier than I, and that just makes my life better in every possible way,” she told the ladies of The View. “It helps me want to be a better person and a fully realized person. She just also makes me feel seen, which I think is the most important gift you can give to any person.”

It turns out that Paulson’s connection with Taylor started long before their relationship. “I actually had her picture on my refrigerator for 10 years before we were together, which sounds strange,” Paulson said. The picture was from when the couple met in 2005 at a dinner party with other notable guests Allison Janney and Buck Henry. As they were leaving the party, they saw a Lamborghini parked outside.

“We all jumped on top of the car and took this picture,” Paulson said. “It was on my refrigerator in my little apartment in West Hollywood for 10 years before we [dated], so it was weird.”

Paulson is known for her deeply poetic and heartfelt Instagram tributes on Taylor’s birthday, January 14th. In this year’s tribute, Paulson said, “I can list all the ways in which you matter, ways you’ve contributed to the lives of those around you, as well as the world at large. You’ve changed me. In all the important ways. Sharing my life with you has made everything else make sense.”

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