10 Queer Podcasts To Make Your Commute Lit

Want to learn about Emily Dickinson’s rainbow adventures, hear Margaret Cho’s thoughts on BDSM, or appreciate just what it takes to raise a trans child? We got you!

It’s spring, the sun is shining—but you still have to commute to work. Luckily, podcasts are positively booming, and an increasing number of them are queer AF. Last year, GO published a list of 10 amazing queercasts, and, now, we give you 10 more. Whether history, news, entertainment, or “The Bachelor” are your jam, there’s something for every gay on the go. Want to learn about Emily Dickinson’s rainbow adventures, hear Margaret Cho’s thoughts on BDSM, or appreciate just what it takes to raise a trans child? We got you! Pull up your favorite podcast app, fit those buds in your earholes, and get ready to open your mind to a whole new world.

Dyking Out

Stand-up comedian Carolyn Bergier and comedy writer Sarah York, or “the Dykes Behind the Mic,” co-host this funny and inclusive podcast that produces new episodes every Monday night. The kickass theme song will have you hooked from the first second—even before Carolyn and Sarah go into the subject of the week with special guests, which can range from Emily Dickinson’s queer life to the joys of being a gay aunt, to growing up religious. If you’re in New York, they’re recording live at Stonewall on April 29!

Les Talk About It

Billed as “the lesbian talk show” (and also out every Monday, to make the start of your week just a little brighter), Les Talk About It explores gay lady stereotypes: the origins, any studies that were done about them, and the real truth behind the misconceptions. Some are light, some a bit heavier, but all are done with education and optimism in mind. Even your straight friends can get a lot out of this one.

How to Be a Girl

Marlo Mack is a single mother living in Seattle and raising a young transgender daughter. She pens a blog about the experience and even made a cartoon about it before co-producing this podcast with her child. How to Be a Girl’s updates can be sporadic, but the Peabody Award finalist chronicles the daily life of mother and daughter, along with their challenges and triumphs, in a unique and beautiful way. Even for the single and childfree ladies among us, there’s a lot to be said for walking in this woman’s shoes.

Food 4 Thot

Four diverse, educated queers (a scientist and ex-figure skater among them) take on high culture–literary theory, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mary Oliver–and guilty pleasures like Ariana Grande and whatever Mariah Carey is freaking out about this week. Hear everything from a discussion on problematic faves (because we all have them) to absolutely dirty hook-up stories that’ll have you in stitches while nodding along in solidarity. Who doesn’t want to add to their reading list while also commiserating about celeb culture over rosé?

The BiCast

“You put the B in LGBT” croons the sexy theme song. These days, it’s still tough to find bi representation that isn’t about being the butt of a joke. The BiCast takes a deep dive into bi history and contemporary culture, with an eye toward positivity and education. Their website even has a reading list of books and articles, personal stories, and poetry. In honor of the National Transgender Day of Visibility a few weeks ago, the podcast aired an interview with Reverend Erica Saunders, a recently-ordained bi and trans minister.

The Lesbian Romantic

Sigrid Dufraimont writes, hosts, and produces this unique fiction podcast that is entirely centered on good old-fashioned lesbian romance. Working from her home office in Belgium (and recording from a pillow fort!), Sigrid effortlessly meshes thrilling sound effects with her own original narratives and lovely speaking voice. Who doesn’t want to hear a story about a chocolate shop owner, her boss who unexpectedly drops by, and a little bit of gay magic? “I am convinced sharing stories about love can give people hope and a sense of belonging,” Sigrid says on The Lesbian Romantic’s website. Can’t argue with that.

Queer as Fact

You know about Marsha P. Johnson, the trans woman of color who instigated the Stonewall Riots with fellow trans woman of color Sylvia Rivera, but do you know about Fanny Park and Stella Boulton, two transfeminine people in the center of a legendary trial in Victorian England? This fascinating biweekly ‘cast looks at queers throughout history: from Julius Caesar’s fierce fashion sense to Freddie Mercury’s wild college days. There’s even an episode discussing queer representation in “Game of Thrones.” Way cooler than history class!

Queering Desi

When it comes to modern queerness, intersectionality is the name of the game. Writer and community activist Priya Arora takes listeners through the experiences of the South Asian LGBTQ+ population. Prolific creator Vivek Shraya celebrates the power of brown girls, India-based activist Durga Gawde talks about being a genderfluid person and India’s first drag king, director Shelly Chopra-Dhar discusses making a mainstream Bollywood queer love story, and much, much more. Queering Desi promotes healthy debate, lively discussion and the triumphs of being exactly who you are.

Why Are People Into That?

Want to know more about the ins and outs (heh) of polyamory? Self-pleasure and loving yourself on Valentine’s Day, the most commercialized love day of all time? Sex work? Pregnancy? Anal health as it relates to bidets? This podcast has you covered, giving you all the information and insight while remaining true to its sexy self. Why Are People Into That? will take you on an educational journey for the books!

Rose Pricks

The world is basically falling apart around us, so, if watching a bunch of morons with extremely white teeth fight for fake love brings you joy, well, you’re not alone. Ronnie Karam and Stefanie Wilder Taylor take a sharp, queer look at “The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise” glorious mess of a TV franchise. Nothing is off limits, from recent virgin Bachelor Colton’s love of Tom Cruise to selfie-cams and hunts for missing kittens. Rose Pricks isn’t groundbreaking. It isn’t serious. But dangit, it’s really funny.

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