Queer Fashion Icon Of The Week: Makeup Artist Alex Talks ‘Pink-Glitter-Femme-Chic’ To Us

“Pink brows and hair has always been the one thing that set me apart.”

It’s no secret in LGBTQ world that queer people are the true tastemakers in the world of style; but it’s time we got some freaking credit you know?

Which is why I decided to highlight a different iconic queer fashionista each week and talk to them about their fierce style in our new GO mag column “Queer Fashion Icon of The Week” (Message me if you’re interested in submitting!).

Courtesy of Alex

If you’re not following Alex, (@pinkandinked) on Instagram yet, you’re missing out, babes. When I discovered their Instagram, I was blown away. Alex is hands-down one of the most wildly creative makeup artists, I’ve met to date.

Not only are they brilliantly talented at the art of makeup, Alex is also a body-positive, Xicanx, queer, non-binary, disable femme, who is dedicated to using cruelty-free products (which GO wholeheartedly supports!).

We are already huge fans of Alex (and in the process of copying their makeup looks!) and we’re sure you will be too! So this week, for “Queer Fashion Icon” we proudly present the amazing Alex!

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do? 

Alex De Vel: My name is Alex, I’m a Xicanx, queer non-binary disabled femme. My pronouns are They/Them. I was a professional makeup artist for 14 years and I am currently taking time off to focus on my health.

 Courtesy of Alex

GO: Who are your greatest fashion icons? 

ADV: I have synesthesia and when I listen to music I can see colors. Music has been one of my biggest influences for my makeup. If I’m listening to a song that is full of bright colors my makeup will probably turn out super bright that day.

As far as clothing goes, I have always just worn what is comfortable and what fits. As a fat person there hasn’t always been the best selection of clothing and over the years luckily it has changed and I feel like now I’m getting a chance to explore clothing styles that I didn’t get to before. Most of what I wear is black though, I have hot pink hair and bright makeup usually and I like to keep my focus on that.

GO: Find ten adjectives that fully describe your personal style?

ADV: Musical, bright, fun, glittered, pink, hard, emotional, femme, assertive.

GO: How do you feel about makeup? 

ADV: I love makeup. I have lived my life for it. I buy cruelty-free makeup only. A few of my favorites are Beauty Bakerie, Sugarpill, and NYX.
Beauty Bakerie always has amazing products and their Lip Whips last through everything. Cashmere, the owner of Beauty Bakerie, is one of the most loving people and has been very inclusive.

Sugarpill has been a staple in my personal and profession kit for many years, it’s also what I use for my pink brows. I love their range of colors and how pigmented their shadows are. I also love that Amy is very accepting and loving of the LGBTQA+ community.

NYX is a great and affordable option. They have really gotten better over the years and I have grown to love their products. I wouldn’t say I have a specific look but I have had pink hair and eyebrows for about 10 years. On the rare occasion, they are brown but pink brows and hair has always been the one thing that set me apart.

GO: Where do you shop?

ADV: I shop online mostly. There is some stuff in-store that I will grab like NYX, Milani, some clothing from target cause their plus size section is a lot better now, and sometimes I find some rad thrift finds. There are also a handful of LGBTQA+ companies, one of which is Rebirth Garments, that have some beautiful pieces that I am in love with.

GO: What was your most embarrassing fashion phase? Or have you been perfect and cool forever? 

ADV: Oh dear god. LUCKILY I have worn all black most of my life but I definitely had some…. questionable hair and clothing styles in the early to mid-2000’s. I was never cool and to be honest I feel that the way I dress now is a bit similar but it’s more grown up. But the bright makeup has never changed, just my ability and skill.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear to slay a job interview.

ADV: When I was working it was mostly on sets. I always dressed comfortably because those were 16+ hour days. I always felt most confident when I was in leggings, docs, a cute shirt, and skirt, or a dress. As far as makeup goes, I always feel most myself and confident when I have bright colors all over my face.

 Courtesy of Alex

GO: Describe an outfit you wear on a date with a woman you were wildly attracted to. Describe an outfit you would wear if you wanted to feel insanely sexy?

ADV: For me, I feel sexiest when I am myself. I would probably wear some sort of bright makeup as it’s reflective of who I am as a person and my clothes would probably be all black, a black crop top, a cute moto jacket with some of my favorite pins, a skirt, leggings, and boots.

GO: Is there such thing as lesbian style? 

ADV: There are absolutely companies that cater to and are run by people in the LGBTQA+ community. One of the companies I am loving right now is Rebirth Garments. It’s an amazing company with some really rad pieces and not only do they cater to the LGBTQA+ community but also cater to people with disabilities which is something I love as I am disabled. The owner of Rebirth Garments, Sky Cubacub, makes everything custom so it’s incredibly inclusive for all genders, sizes, and abilities.

Remember to follow Alex on Instagram! 

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