President Biden Calls On Members Of Senate To Pass The Equality Act

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“For our LGBTQ+ Americans, let’s finally get the bipartisan Equality Act to my desk,” the President said.

President Biden called on members of the Senate to pass the Equality Act in last night’s State of the Union address, linking the necessity of its passage to the slew of anti-transgender legislation working its way through state legislatures in recent years.

“For our LGBTQ+ Americans, let’s finally get the bipartisan Equality Act to my desk,” the President said, adding, “The onslaught of state laws targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong. As I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I’ll always have your back as President, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential.” 

The House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, which would prevent discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity, back in February. However, it’s likely dead in the Senate, where it doesn’t have the necessary bipartisan support to pass.  

In a statement posted to its website, GLAAD called President Biden’s remarks “a bold and unequivocal message of support for transgender people and all LGBTQ Americans.” The statement continued, noting that “The state of our union is only as strong as our action and commitment to ensure no marginalized person is left behind. LGBTQ voters are more motivated than ever to hold elected officials accountable in the midterms.”

While on the campaign trail, then-candidate Biden promised to sign the Equality Act into law within the first 100 days of his presidency if elected. However, proponents of the legislation have been unable to get the bipartisan support needed in the Senate as moderate Republicans like Mitt Romney (UT) and Susan Collins (ME) have refused to endorse the legislation.

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