Precious Pussy of The Month

Meet Mesa

NAME: Mesa

MOMMY: Susan Bash

AGE: 14 and a half

SEX: Male

ETHNICITY: Jewish American Tabby

BIRTHPLACE: Philadelphia, PA

RESIDENCE: Great 3rd floor walk-up apartment in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

OCCUPATION: Bird watcher, mouse catcher, home protector

FAVORITE TOYS: String on a stick; ribbons; catnip; boxes, especially small ones, that I can smush myself into; Mom’s laundry basket

FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITY: Lounging with Mom on her bed and stretching out on my porch

FAVORITE FOODS: Turkey, corn chips, cheese, ice cream; and the default, vet-bought cat food

PET PEEVE: When Mom puts a collar on me when I go play in the garden…it makes me itch.


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