Precious Pooch of the Month

(and his magnificent mommy)

Name: Harper Geoffrey

Mommy: Jess

Age: Here’s a hint: I’m an Aries like my mom, and haven’t celebrated a birthday!

Sex: You offering?

Ethnicity: King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

Birthplace: Upstate New York

Residence: (upper) West Side

Occupation: Being a guard dog. Yeah right, I’ll lick you to death.

Favorite Toys: Moo cow, tennis balls and my fluffy rainbow frisbee

Favorite Leisure Activity: Chasing balls up and down the hallway, then curling up in bed.

Favorite Food: Anything but dog food. Leftovers please!!

Pet Peeve: My neighbor that’s scared of me. How on earth could you be scared of ME?!

Least Favorite Phrase: “Momma luh you, be good boy!!”

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