Pride Organizations Are Planning An Online ‘Global Pride’ Event Amid COVID-19 Cancellations

International Pride organizations are coming together to plan a massive online event that anyone can participate in, from anywhere in the world.

Over 100 global Pride celebrations have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nobody really knows when it’ll be safe to gather in large groups again, so Pride organizers are finding creative new ways to bring the LGBTQ+ community together at a time when people need support and solidarity more than ever.

Pride organizations from all over the world are creating an online “Global Pride” event in which anyone can participate, no matter where they live.

The online event will include live-streamed musical performances, speeches, and key messages from human rights activists.

Two of the world’s biggest international Pride networks, InterPride and the European Pride Organisers Association, are working on the event with national organizations in the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. Regional networks in southern Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Latin America are also taking part, according to a press release.

“For millions of people around the globe, Pride is their one opportunity each year to come together and feel a part of a community, to feel loved, connected and to know they aren’t alone,” explained Kristina Garina, president of the European Pride Organisers Association. “It’s essential this year that as Pride organizers, we ensure there is still the opportunity to connect, even if we are connecting from home.”

Not only will the event provide an opportunity for connection, but it will also send a strong message to the non-LGBTQ+ world.

“Especially in these difficult times full of uncertainty and insecurity, we need to show visibility,” Uwe Hömer, board member of German Pride network, said. “Social distancing must not lead to the disappearance of diversity. We are happy to demonstrate with ‘Global Pride’ to be part of a large community, and we want to send out a strong sign of solidarity and human rights.”

Global Pride will take place on Saturday, June 27, 2020. More details about the event will be released soon. In the meantime, Pride organizations who are interested in participating can sign up here.

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