10 Iconic Miranda Hobbes Moments That Prove She Was Destined For A Life In Politics

If you think we DON’T KNOW that it isn’t Miranda Hobbes running, WE’RE worried for you.

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Hello lezzinet. Can we stop being smug for like two seconds and be excited about Cynthia Nixon’s run? And *maybe* have a little bit of….wait for it… fun?

While I know that Miranda Hobbes isn’t running for governor (though that would be goals AF!) here is a roundup of Miranda’s most iconic moments that show she’s fit for governor. I mean, life imitates art, right? And any excuse for Sex and The City throwbacks can perk up even the gloomiest Tuesday (first day of Spring my ass.)

1. She is a bad ass proud feminist. 

Working in a male-dominated field, Miranda slayed her career as a lawyer. She also refused to dumb herself down for the comfort of the men she dated. So obviously she’d slay in the male-dominated field of politics.

2. She’s a realist. 

Donuts are delicious. The feminist icon we need.

3. She isn’t afraid to stick up for what she believes in. 

Miranda is super opinionated and speaks her mind.

4. She isn’t afraid to call people out on their bullshit.

I love Carrie, I identify with Carrie (I am Carrie Lezshaw, after all) but sometimes she really needed to get her shit handed to her and Miranda was the only one real enough to do it. Stick this woman in a room of male politicians and watch her put them in their place.

5. She’s a bad bitch. 

Miranda has worn some questionable outfits but she doesn’t CARE what you think, OK?

6. She pretended to be gay to get ahead in her law firm

Problematic? Sure. But savage and effective? Yes. And we need savagery and efficiency in politics.

7. She slays the patriarchy. 

She is not here for men’s games.

8. She understands how to negotiate.


9. She isn’t afraid to take chances.

Like when she rode the mechanical bull and took her shirt off. She totally could’ve fallen but she did the damn thing. Let that be a metaphor for her campaign.

10. She’s the best character on Sex and The City.

This is a non-negotiable.

I get that Cynthia Nixon isn’t Miranda Hobbes but let’s hope she brings some of her swag, confidence, and general boss-ness to her campaign.

*cue Sex and The City theme song*

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