Meet Lex, A New Queer Dating App From The Makers Of @Personals

*vibrates with excitement*

Lesbians. Gays. Queers. Please sit down; we have some very serious news to discuss.

Just when we were all ready to give up on meeting anyone cute in time for cuffing season because nobody will ever make a casual sex app for lesbians (*cries*), the makers of @Personals have finally unveiled their official dating app. It’s called Lex, and it’s coming to the App Store and Google Play very soon.

In case you missed the @Personals bus, it’s an Instagram-based dating platform for LGBTQIA+ women and non-binary people that basically works exactly like the old school personal ads of yore. Instead of submitting a cheeky ad to the local newspaper, you can submit an ad to the Personals Instagram page, where over 60,000 followers are waiting to like and comment and slide into your DMs.

Founded in 2017, the platform has become incredibly popular — probably because reading clever personal ads is such a refreshing change of pace from swiping through selfie after selfie on every other app. Submitting a Personals ad is now practically a rite of passage for single queers.

As of today, the Personals platform is officially moving from Instagram to its own independent app: Lex.

The name change is an attempt to ward off cis male creeps, according to the team.

“We work hard to make it clear this app is for the queer community, even still, creeps sneak in,” they wrote in an Instagram post. “We’re working hard [to get] the creeps off the app and a name change is our first line of defense.”

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WELCOME! THIS IS LEX. The app is coming Nov 7th and we’ve changed our name. Why? We're working hard to keep the creeps off the app and a name change is our first line of defense. We’re changing our name from Personals to Lex. Lex—short for lexicon—a community built on language. We've been beta testing for several months and already we’ve run into the problem of cis men writing ads (ads like ‘Looking for College Girls’ etc, super obvious). They may have supported the Kickstarter campaign or someone passed the beta link around. Many cis men search the word 'personals' on Facebook, Twitter, App Stores–hoping to find personals ads for them. We work hard to make it clear this app is for the queer community, even still, creeps sneak in. Making a safe space for queers is our highest priority—we have report functions built into the app which will automatically block users posts and profiles. (the admin will monitor the reports as well) Lex app will be available free to download in the App Store and Google Play November 7th!! #LexApp Lex is looking for funding support, investors. Lex is free to use. Please share with friends, spread the word. Photo by Christelle deCastro @christelle_studio

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Just like the original Personals page, Lex will be lo-fi and text-based. But on the new app, users will be able to upload their own ads and message each other directly. The app was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and by the many queers who paid a fee to post ads on Personals.

Lex will be free to download on November 7th. We can’t wait!

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