Lez Spill The Tea: Jesus Will Be At Pride & Smash Mouth Loves The Gays

Hey now, gay people are All Stars!

Happy Pride, you beautiful lesbians! As the month of June and the rainbow chaos of Pride parade prep is upon us, it’s so important to step back and take the time to read the news stories that will actually make you happy. Here’s your dose of queer happiness for the week:

Babe, We HAVE To Go To The Straight Pride Parade

After someone proposed a straight pride parade in Boston, MA, Twitter went into a frenzy. From hilarious jokes to hot takes, the internet couldn’t stop talking about the potential parade. No one managed to post something funnier than Eva Victor, who posted a video on Twitter where she pretends to convince her boyfriend to go to the straight pride parade. Enjoy.

Blessed Be The Pride Parade

Sunny Hostin of “The View” fame recently reacted to the Catholic Church’s anti-LGBTQ stance both on the show and on her Twitter. After telling her audience that her children would be attending the Pride parade like any good Catholic would do, she received some backlash. However, she shut it down immediately with one of the most iconic quotes of all time: “My faith always taught me, ‘What would Jesus do?’ And I know Jesus would be attending that Pride parade, with pride.”

Bella Thorne Kissed A Girl, And The Girl Liked It

Model Jazz Egger was so nervous to meet Bella Thorne, but she could never have anticipated that the bisexual actress would kiss her. After explaining to Thorne that she was planning on coming out as bisexual herself this Pride season, the actress planted a surprise one on her. That’s one way to tell the world you’re bisexual.

Ian McKlellan Wants To Help Old Gays

Truly Good Person™ Sir Ian McKlellan has announced a new project: Pride In Aging, a charity that aims to supporting queer people over 50. The program will aim to help end inequality in standards of living and social isolation of LGBTQ seniors in the UK, establish a queer community for those above 50, and provide healthcare and social services.

The Love Israel

23 same-sex couples took part in a massive marriage ceremony in Tel Aviv recently in order to campaign for the right to marry. Although the ceremony was unofficial, hundreds of people attended, the couples exchanged vows, and all attendees walked down the aisle in unison.

We Can Finally Confirm That Smash Mouth Loves The Gays

In a now-viral tweet, the official account of the Shrek-adjacent band Smash Mouth took down the aforementioned straight pride parade AND gave the gays the chaotic support they deserve. Hey now, Smash Mouth, you’re the new “All Star” of the queer community now.

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