Lesbians Love Ice Hockey: USA Beats Canada For The First Time In 20 Years

Last night was an exciting night for the sports-obsessed lesbians of America!

Last night was an exciting night for the sports-obsessed lesbians of America! The U.S. Women’s hockey team won the gold medal last night (for the first time since 1998!), defeating Team Canada 3-2. The game was intense — following a 20-minute overtime, and a penalty shootout that ended in a tie, the teams went into a sudden-death shootout. Hockey fans watched last night with baited breath as the heated game ultimately led to Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson delivering the winning goal.

*Chants* USA! USA! USA!

“I think the stars really aligned for us,” Lamoureux-Morando said. “To be 20 years from when (Ruggiero’s team) won, you can’t write a better script than that. It’s amazing.”


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The victory was even more important for this group of American women, arriving on the heels of their battle for better pay and work conditions. A year ago, they fought for equality by threatening to boycott a world championship tournament. The women claimed USA Hockey wasn’t paying them a livable salary, despite the fact that they won medals in every Winter Olympics since women’s hockey debuted in 1998. The men’s national team received more benefits and marketing attention than the women, and they weren’t having it. A last minute settlement gave them pay raises, and they were back on the ice. Get your money, girls!

Athletic and activists? I want to make out with all of them. As a femme who won’t even run to catch an incoming subway, I have the utmost admiration (and attraction) to women who play sports. My queer girl senses are tingling in regards to any Olympic sport, but after scouring the internet, I couldn’t find any out lesbians on the US hockey team. *Sheds lez tear* But! There will definitely be happy lesbian hockey fans out drinking tonight which means YOU should get your cute gay butt out to the bars tonight and shoot your shot.

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