Jennifer Aniston to Play Cougar-Chasing Puma

Jennifer Aniston requested to play a lesbian character on Cox-Arquette’s hit show

Diehard “Friends” fans who always hoped that Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel and Courteney Cox-Arquette’s Monica would share a kiss may finally get their wish. Well, sort of.

According to Monsters and Critics, Aniston has specifically requested to play a lesbian on Cox-Arquette’s  TV series, “Cougar Town.” A source told UK’s the Mail  on March 21st, “She [Courteney] persuaded Jen to guest star. They have both wanted it to happen for a while, but Jennifer has been too busy. It was Jen’s idea to play a lesbian. She wanted to do something different.”

In “Cougar Town,” Cox-Arquette plays a single woman in her forties who dates younger men. It’s still not confirmed that Aniston will actually play a lesbian on the show, but the mere murmur of the possibility has attracted some well-timed media attention; Aniston is currently promoting her own romantic comedy entitled “Pumas,” about women in their 30’s dating younger men.

Cox-Arquette feigned (?) ignorance about Aniston’s project at a recent Fox TCA press conference.  “I did know about her movie. I’m not sure exactly what the storyline is other than it’s probably a woman. And I guess pumas are in their 30s. Isn’t that right? Pumas are in their 30s? Jaguars are in their 50s, and saber-tooths go right into the 60s.”

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