Horoscopes for Queer Women: Start A Love Affair With Yourself

What ended last month in magic and mischief begins again in rage and rawness.


Happy Spring Equinox and Aries season! Yesterday the sunlight and moonlight were exactly the same duration. Now, days will become longer than night. This is your time of the year to start anew, to really become truer to yourself. Start your love affair with yourself right now so that you love exactly how you look, how you desire, and how you think. With Venus surpassing Mercury right before the equinox, don’t make this harder than it has to be. Just relax and take pleasure in having the spark of life – your specific spark of life.

On Friday, Mercury stations direct, making it an intense time. Because Jupiter is already in retrograde, it might already feel like our thoughts are inverted. We’re interested in esoteric things and they don’t have to make sense to anyone but us. This Friday, your everyday thoughts and decisions follow the same pattern. Take a break from worrying what makes sense to the world and, instead, start figuring out how to impress yourself. Let your anger and fire drive you by nourishing the heat.

It’s a First Quarter Moon all week, so start your projects and get up early. Set your alarm clocks at 7:00-8:00 AM, especially if you are still recovering from Daylight Savings ending. What ended last month in magic and mischief begins again in rage and rawness. Eat well and eat a lot – you need a lot of calories to keep up with yourself this week. Life is sprouting on the ground, in the air, in the oceans, and we’re manifesting ourselves once again.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Happy birthday, Aries! This is your time to shine and have fun. Don’t forget that what you do on your solar return (exact birthday) will set up your next year. Sing a lot and be as loud as you desire for once. Spring is also when you are the most tender of all of the year. Keep support close to your heart. Change your wardrobe for the new year as you decide on what kind of person you want to be this year.


Go to bed early. This season necessitates that you get up early to get the most out of the sun and time but you need to also prioritize your dream life right now. Think of this year as your yearly mental health month. Redo your sleep cycle, eating habits, and exercise routine. Start slowly and feel your muscles open and dopamine hit your bloodstream. Record your dreams.


Hang out with everyone. This is your most open time of the year, when you have the emotional energy to make new friends. Get excited about new people, the strange people, and strangers in your life. It’s time to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. Your ever-shifting curiosity is what will make you seem like the most thrilling person around and what makes others interesting by just being around you.


You may get a challenge this week to strike something out on your own and to lose that shell that has become so precious to you all winter long. Going by what others seem to want from you is fine sometimes, but you will only accomplish something if you feel like you are in it alone. It doesn’t have to be a lonely time but this is a time for you to figure out what you want for yourself and by yourself.


Let yourself fight if you need it. Scream as loud as you can, even as an exercise, and let others see your heart. You’re punishing yourself if you hold back. It’s your time to yell. Don’t let any negativity get to you by making sure you say everything you need to say right then and there in the moment. Hone your fighting skills and instincts until you’re sharp as a blade and don’t forget to bless that blade.


Don’t overthink things. This is the time you have and need to find your instincts, the ones you feel in your blood and don’t have to put two words together to make sense of. You need to learn how to use these instincts constructively instead of letting your mind take over. When that happens, your anger backfires on you. This week, it will be impossible for you to overanalyze anything because nothing will make sense except to your instincts.


Stop needing anyone else to “like” you for you to feel like you actually exist. Liking is not real – it’s something social media companies use to sell our attention to corporations. It’s not a concept that should drive your actual life at all. Turn off the phone. If you let yourself get sucked in, you will have insecurities that drive you farther from yourself.


This is your time to get your physical health on track. Build a stable exercise routine that your body can depend on even when you can’t depend on anything else. Feed yourself foods that you crave. In fact, it’s time to admit to your cravings because that is your body telling you exactly what you need. Stop caring about any consequences except that of your health for a while.


What is your pursuit of happiness that this country supposedly entitles you to? What are the dreams that you need to start using the power of the secret to manifest in your life? This is your time to just figure out what exactly you want so that you can go for it using 100% of your life force. Figure out what enrages you, thrills you, and makes you laugh to figure out what you are living for.


Take action around your space. Maybe it’s time to plan a move, whether it’s to a new apartment or across the country. The point is, feel out the ways you fit in and don’t in the place you are. Trust yourself in terms of what you need, even if those feelings are not logical. You need to have a place where you can just be you, no matter what, to feel like you belong in the world.


It’s a great time to do some writing. You need to spend some time with the thoughts that don’t make sense to anyone except yourself just to figure out what you actually think again. It’s also a great time to read and just receive the words of others. Even when breaking ideas occur to you, share them with others and remember that nothing you come up with is truly original but connected to everyone else.


Take a peek at your bank account. It’s okay, not looking just makes things worse. Make some decisions about money. Whether you’re saving too much or too little, make a plan that will support your needs and ambitions. Make sure the things in your life are satisfying something. If they’re not then get rid of them. Clean out your closet and throw away the things that don’t matter to you anymore.

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