Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Are You Living Your Truth?

A last quarter moon will ask you what your allegiance is.

Let’s take a pause from all our pushing to really fill our days with exactly what we want to do. We might need to recover from that last full moon, right across the mercury retrograde, which had everything to do with our natural energy. When you use your natural energy, you don’t get things done. You start to live — when you start to live, you might not fit into an existing system as well. Aries squares Capricorn because of this misfitting action. Sara Ahmed describes racism as a fitting options — “Discomfort involves this failure to fit.” This time of the year is here for us to discover just how spectacularly we misfit and there are exhausting consequences to this.

Venus goes home to Taurus, making our senses of self feel more solid. If Venus in Aries is time to change your look to feel more authentically you, then Venus in Taurus is adorning the particular decisions that you had to take. Taurus is common sense and, in terms of financial decisions, it’s time to regain that sense. Make a plan to invest in yourself again by only spending the money you planned on spending. These last few weeks was a time for a couple impulse buys, just to get it out of your system. Now, it’s time to consolidate.

A last quarter moon will ask you what your allegiance is. Again, our particular “fit” is getting questioned. In what ways do you pass through and in what ways are you startled and stopped? If you are able to function in a place where, historically, your identity has not been able to exist inside of, how does this change the system as well as your identity? The two dimensional, three dimensional, and four dimensional shapes of who we are and where we are get smoothed, eroded, and patched up this week. 

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Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


What are the things you could do that you know would impress your mother and what are the things you could do that you know would impress yourself? Dwell on that slightly this week. It may not be a time where you are capable of changing the difference but it is a time where you can spend a little time thinking about this difference. Get used to knowing that everything you feel pressured to do is a symptom and life will always be unexpected.


You’re starting to just feel yourself again after disappearing somewhere for a little while. All the commotion and change of this season just gives you reason to rest. However, it’s nearing the time to plant nutritious plants and time for you to wake up, Taurus. Get outside and test the air and waters. Your mind still needs a fantasy world but your body needs the outdoors.


Spend time with the best people and go somewhere if you can. Your future is your actions and how flexible you can be in the face of change. Things might wind down a little this week as you look for private pleasures rather than social ones. You’re building a group around your identity and feeling joy at all the ways you disturb and perturb the world. 


Take drastic action. Think of something that you want more than anything and start getting up extremely early to focus on nothing except that one goal. Make a choice to live your life, really live it, and not just pass through. Don’t sway from place to place anymore but make a plan to get somewhere and really stick to it. You’ll find that there have been people there all along to help you.


How are you learning and what are you learning? The bigger the strokes you take in terms of movement, the bigger your event horizon is. You’re a star destined to be a black hole, Leo, and that event horizon determines your gravitational pull. Be a bigger person and you’ll bring the stuff you need into your life. Take on risk if you want to get anywhere by yourself.


Take care of yourself today and again tomorrow. This isn’t a great season for you and you might feel a little out of energy, especially with your ruling planet retrograde. Take care of any hormonal imbalances by noticing them first and eating the foods you crave. You might desire things suddenly right now and it’s best to let yourself have it. Scream if you need it.


List out three different types of people that you would hate to be or hate for other people to see you as. Now, take three separate sheets of paper and fill each page writing as if you were that hated person. This activity will challenge you to be vulnerable with yourself, which you desperately need a bit of. It will also force you to question the very things you believe to be bad.


Time management is shifting and you need to do a little intentional planning. What parts of your day are you losing? What parts of life are you losing? Do you perpetually lose the sunrise or the sunset? Make it a priority to see at least one of the two this week and get your circadian rhythm back on track. Don’t wear a hat when it’s cloudy outside so you know to release melatonin when you need it.


There are so many things you want and so little money to spend on it all. Maybe this is a problem of capitalism and the engine to how it works. The world’s resources are also limited because it will force you to reconsider what you really want. If you really want something, then you have to spend time on it and make money to get it. What do you want to spend your life on?


You might find it a little easier to be chill this week. What you really need is to feel valued and respected in your life. When you get that, you find it easier to now worry about being judged. Change things around at home this week, so that you’re organizing the space where you rest. Do something to beautify your space so that you love where and how you live.


Get really out there with your ideas and what you think. Chances are, the more freaky your ideas are, the faster you’ll realize that what you thought was an original idea was just the subtle capturing of the changing of the times. Everyone has been thinking what you are thinking, just in different ways. The stranger your ideas are, the more aligned you are with everyone else.


Make a decision about your investment strategy this week. This is one of the four times in the year that you should look at your finances. Put some money into into a stock or start an account if you don’t already have one. Rebalance the money that you spend (investments you make on your animal being) and the money you put away (investments you make on the system you life in).

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