Horoscopes For Queer Women: Rebuilding Trust

Things are getting dark again.

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Mars is in Aquarius now, with Venus squaring it in Scorpio. There’s a clash between our need to be independent and our need to depend on something or someone we trust. Focus on rebuilding trust this week, in the areas of life that need it. Maybe your relationship with your boss, your sister, or your mom needs some intentional rebuilding. Do so while making sure that everyone’s need for freedom is being met, and addressing anger or fear triggers already present in the relationship. This will be hard and may take years. Take a step today.

The Fall Equinox happens this Saturday. Welcome Libra season! Things are getting dark again. The unconscious, and moon light, is rising. Dark or moon energy requires that you have all your eggs in order, that your work is done powerfully through its subtlety. Don’t rely on your will so much in the next few months, but can you can understand, explain, and criticize the structures containing you.

Step out of yourself and your own needs to see what work and play you can find. Take another look at anything you were working on during the summer and see, now that everything has cooled down significantly, whether you have missed anything.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


The hardest thing to do is to stick to your values when your professional network can possibly ostracize you for speaking out. Remember all the times that you did and have. Remember what worked and what didn’t work. You’ve had plenty of practicing speaking out tin ways that didn’t work. All these instances make you one step closer to action that does work.


The control that you have over yourself and other people limit the freedom you have in the world. Be your own individual. Realize any need you have for controlling those around you, because of fears relating to freedom and what it means to chase it. Let yourself butt heads with someone or something this week, if it gives you agency. You need independence before anything else.


Be conscious. There are things that haunt your dreams, which you have not fully realized. Any psychosomatic sensations or fears you have aren’t isolated from your social reality. Trust that, when you speak, even the nonsense portions make complete sense to those who are going through the same thing. Your 3 AM fears have political consequences.


You have to relearn trust of your own desires and passions. You’ve already learned that not everyone is willing to fall into your world and become your comfort person. Now that you’re mature about your expectations, tap back into what you truly desire. See if any of your learnings affected your leanings. Learn to trust your intuition again.


Do your personal goals support those around you, or make other people trust you? You have big goals, which mean that you need support to reach them. This means that you need to make sure the ways you go after them inspire love and support from your friends, colleagues, and boss. Put the focus on how your work will benefit others and things will go your way.


Put a piece of your heart on the line by publishing a piece of writing. Even if you feel like you aren’t ready, even if you feel like the piece isn’t perfect or your best work, just do it. Anything that you make is first and foremost a relationship with someone, even if that someone is an anonymous audience. Focus on the social impact of your work.


Rebuild the trust that other people have of you. Address anything that you found too awkward to talk about, which still work under the surface to make other people doubt you. Even if some of the stuff seems trivial to you, it may have hurt you and another person than you care to admit. Take some direct action over the hard things to confront.


Curb that feeling of wanting to own another individual. You don’t have time for this BS. You don’t have to to call another person completely yours, because you have your own goals and freedom to tend to. Prioritize those things instead and you’ll see that there are people in your life who support you in all that you want to be after all.


Control your days by limiting who you give your time away to on a daily scale. You don’t have time for everyone and everything, if you want your goals met. If you’ve been missing meals, start eating regularly so that you retrain your body to get hungry at regular intervals. This will sustain your energy and make your trust your own appetites. It will help with time management.


Prioritize your desire to create a personal project over whether it can make you money now or later. Just do the thing that you want to do, whether that’s picking apples or making a new app. Have fun with it and it’ll give you rewards you don’t even understand right now in the future. Invest in what makes you passionate and the trade off will always be worth it.


You have to put up boundaries with your family, even if they don’t want them or tell you that your culture doesn’t have them. Don’t worry whether your feelings are socially acceptable. They don’t have to be to be valid. Rehearse your own needs to yourself and pick out the parts you feel will get results to say to your family members. Earn your space through mutual respect.


Have a conversation with your subconscious, about your capabilities and agencies, by establishing daily habits that feel good to you. Bear with a few days of drowsiness by cutting out caffeine, going to bed early even if you can’t sleep, and getting up early even if you are sleepy. This will adjust your entire cycle so that you feel capable, in control, and in trust of yourself.

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