Horoscopes For Queer Women: This Fall Season Is All About Leveling Up

Happy October, love! Fall is officially upon us, and this month promises to bring us some challenges and heavy planetary alignments. It’s not all bad, though. These challenges can help us level up and become our best selves. And just like the leaves are saying goodbye to their leaves for a while (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), it’s time to release what no longer serves you.

Pay attention to what happens to you this month, lovers. It’s a big sneak peek into what 2020 will bring into your life. If you can, journal a little each day in order to look for patterns and hints for what’s to come.

On October 2nd, we have Pluto moving direct into Capricorn. This is going to bring some huge transformational shifts with it. If you’d like to know how this will affect you personally, try to think back to what was going on for you in April of this year. That month gave you a small clue of what’s to come.

Mercury Retrograde comes for us on October 31st, which may just be the most terrifying part of this Halloween season (kidding!). This is the final Mercury retrograde of the year.

This month’s theme is all about “leveling up,” no matter what your sign. And since we’re in Libra season, relationships are a priority too. (This includes your relationship with yourself!). These relationship lessons will peak on October 13th with the Full Moon. This Full Moon may encourage you to look where you’re giving too much or too little in relationships. The moon will illuminate what’s unfair in your give and take with those closest to you. This heavy energy may hang in the air for a few days, giving you a chance to ruminate and really think things over.

The Scorpio New Moon is on October 27th, and it’s a bit of a challenging one. Just remind yourself that you’re “leveling up” this month and that always requires a lot of inner work! Scorpio is the sign associated with death and rebirth, and you’ll be encouraged to rebirth a part of yourself that could use a refresh. While the New Moon will be intense, Scorpio energy is always a powerful time for rebirth, and it usually gives you spiritual strength to transform and raise your vibration higher.
While October is a slightly more challenging month, it does bring its gifts too. By the end of this month, you’ll feel stronger and more confident about what lies ahead.


Integrity is the word of the month for you, Aries. How do you react when things don’t go your way? If you find yourself even more impatient than usual, try to recognize that getting irritated with yourself and others isn’t really productive. The Full Moon in your sign this month promises to bring romantic satisfaction. Any professional changes you make during this time will be a big boost in your income and reputation.


Self-reflection and contemplation are on the menu for you this month, Taurus. Expect some shake-ups in your love life or closest friendships to go down. When the going gets tough, trust that change is just opening doors for the things and people that are more aligned with who you are today and where you’re going. Your life will slow down a little toward the end of the month, but until then, you’ll be feeling the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Hang in there, know that relief is coming, and schedule some relaxing downtime whenever possible.


Hang onto your hat, Gemini — this month promises to be a bit of a roller coaster for you. Face your fears head-on; no more running away from shit that’s at your heels. Communicate with passion and honesty whenever possible. Handle conflict with dignity and respect for yourself and others. Being uncomfortable now will bring you happiness later. Watch out for jealous lovers, too. Your charm is laid on thick this month, so try and keep things light-hearted when you can. Your heart will need it!


Seek out something exciting, something new, something different. Otherwise, your brain is going to get bored AF with the same ol’, same ol’. I know, Cancer, I know: You love your comfort zone. But it’s okay to step outside of it every once in a while. Learning will help you add more excitement to your day, your life. Work on accepting your deepest desires. This month is all about self-care, self-awareness, and self-acceptance for you.


Choose one thing to focus on this month, Leo, and stick with it — I mean, besides your beautiful reflection in the mirror. In your desire to excel, you may try to do everything. Instead, give your all to ONE thing and reap the rewards in the coming months. It’s okay to take time for yourself but remember to communicate openly and honestly with others so that your need for solitude is mistaken for disinterest or — worse — anger or resentment. Let loose and have fun at the end of the month for the Halloween festivities too!


This month is all about creative passion for you, Virgo. Give yourself time to relax a little — paint, write creatively, do something that brings you joy that you usually don’t have time for, okay? Prioritize yourself and your creativity. Put your phone down and forget your worries and to-do list. Mercury retrograde may bring some communication snafus for you and those you care about, so be sure to clear the air and be as communicative as possible, particularly after the Full Moon mid-month.


It’s your month, beautiful! This one is all about balance (and you, of course!) and finding ways to experience joy while also juggling responsibilities. Remember that balance looks different for everyone, so find yours and stick with it. Whatever you need, give it to yourself without a shred of guilt. This month may get off to an emotional start for you. You’re known to break hearts, but what happens when yours gets a little wounded? Let your community shower you with love and don’t hesitate to dig deeper for emotional intimacy at this time.


Self-development is the name of the game this month, Scorpio. Invest in yourself now, and you’ll reap the benefits in 2020. Whether it’s taking a new course, hiring a personal trainer, or going on Tinder to find your next lover, it’s time to invest in your career, your future, your love life and YOURSELF. Break out your favorite Fall clothes and rock your style like you do best. Your season is just around the corner, and it promises to be a busy one, so focus on yourself now while you can.


Ask for what you need this month, Sagittarius. From your boss, your partner, your friends, and your parents. You deserve some respect and for folks to take you seriously every once in a while, right? Expect to feel a little uncomfortable asking for what you need at first. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the responses, though. All you need is a little encouragement that you’re worth it: their time, attention, and love. And you are! Expect some extra sexy times around mid-month, too. You’ll be having the time of your life but make sure others are around you too.


It’s time to seek guidance from your respected peers and elders this month, Capricorn. I know, I know — YOU’RE usually the one doling out advice. But you need a more removed perspective on something this month, so seek it out from a trusted person or two. Receive their wisdom, and then make your own decision. Don’t do what others want or expect, but DO listen to their perspective. Move at a pace that is best for you at this time, and don’t push yourself to do something until you’re good and ready. Big professional opportunities may be knocking at your door this month, so be ready.


Don’t spend your money too much this month, Aquarius. Budgeting is the name of the name for you right now. Challenge yourself to spend as little as possible and sock away what you can. It’s okay to say “no” to the 5th dinner invite for the month. FOMO is real for you, but you won’t miss much (promise!). Financial security is more fulfilling than a dinner out with that friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend. You may find yourself a little more emotional than usual this month too. Stay cool when an ex resurfaces mid-month and don’t get swept away in nostalgia.


Is it just you, or is it getting hot in here? Expect your romantic life to take off and get extra hot this month. Maybe your partner wants more, maybe your FWB is asking for a commitment, or maybe that threesome fantasy is finally coming true. Whatever it is, expect it to rock your socks off. If you want to be heard, Pisces, make sure you’re listening too. Regardless of what’s going on in the rest of your life, give your love life a little extra focus right now. And do more than just daydream: Take action!

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