Horoscopes For Queer Women: It’s time to Dream Big

While you’re busy crying over your credit card statement and longing to get away from extended family, don’t forget to set your intentions for the coming month and year ahead!

Happy December, my fellow astro-loving queers! December is here, and it’s time for you to dream — and DREAM BIG. Not just about your holiday wish list! Jupiter moves into Capricorn on December 2nd, where it will stay through all of 2020. 

Our modern age has us always thinking (obsessing?) over expansion and growth. This “can’t stop won’t stop” feeling is normally welcomed by Jupiter, but since it’ll be in Capricorn, this energy must be more grounded. Evaluate your actions and then assess the impact you have on your environment and the people around you. 

Starting this month, it’s a good time to add some living to your goals and plans for the year ahead. Think broadly and dream big. 2020 is going to be a “go big or go home” year, so don’t sell yourself short when you’re thinking of the goals and dreams you want to chase in the coming year. Look at what you value and how this is reflected in your actions and attitudes. Don’t be afraid to really evolve and change in the ways you need to in order to live your best life. 

The day after Christmas — December 26th — brings a New Moon and a solar eclipse. So while you’re busy crying over your credit card statement and longing to get away from extended family, don’t forget to set your intentions for the coming month and year ahead.

Without further ado, let’s delve into what the last month of 2019 (hallelujah!) will mean for you. 


“Wise men say, only fools rush in.” Stop rushing everything, Aries. You may feel tempted to grab for what you believe is rightfully yours and work towards your goals no matter what it costs for your health and well-being, but it’s time to slow it down a little right now. Don’t wing it. You may feel a little vulnerable this month. Slow down and spend some time arming yourself with knowledge — about yourself and what you’re aiming for. The more you know, the brighter your prospects will be. Remember, life isn’t meant to be all work and no play. Your friendships and romantic life are sure to shine this month if you’ll just slow down a little. 


You love your cozy comforts, good food, and being generous. But your over-generosity may leave you turning up a little short this month, so aim to be mindful about your money and how you’re spending it this month.

Focus on the long-term and your personal accountability for your actions and the impact you have on the world around you. A new phase is beginning in your life, and while you typically enjoy doing things that are predictable and “by the book,” focus on going outside of your comfort zone a little. You’ll be rewarded with extra love and attention. 


Don’t be tempted to bite off more than you can chew this month, Gemini. While a long list of work and friend holiday parties may sound amazing, it’s important not to take on too much. Be open and honest with your coworkers, your partner(s), your friends, and your family and ask people to share the load with you when you’re feeling bogged down. Something that’s been hidden from you may come to light that could give you more freedom and a greater sense of joy than you’ve felt in a while. Don’t burn yourself out before this good news comes your way. 


This month is all about love and relationships for you, Cancer. (I know — when isn’t it?). A past lover or secret admirer may reveal themselves this month, or your established relationship could take an unexpected turn. Keep the lines of communication open and honest and don’t retreat into your shell if things surprise you. You are in control of your own destiny, even when things feel a little out of control. Keep learning from, loving, and listening to others, as the blueprint for your year ahead is being set this month.  


It’s time to refresh your ambitions, set new goals, and “aim for the sky,” whether you’ve ticked off all of your bucket list items or failed to launch your dreams where you thought they should go. Put in the effort now; you’re going places this month and next year, Leo. The harder you work, the more luck will come your way, especially if you do things in the spirit of giving rather than the spirit of soaking up all of the glory. Think long-term and don’t go for easy quick fixes, no matter the situation. Your love life is about to get richer this month, too. 


This is a happy month for you, Virgo! Yes, really. You may be more acutely aware of what is missing from your life this month — the holidays have a knack for doing that to the best of us. But free yourself from any longing and FOMO, because the best is yet to come. Put your creative hat on and create things that come from your heart and soul. If you’ve been thinking of picking up a new hobby, now’s the time to try it, or at least get yourself some lessons set up for next year. Doing this for yourself will pay generously in joy and even financial rewards, eventually. 


Libra, whatever is on your mind, let me say: you are overthinking this, love. Hunker down at home and veg out in front of Netflix for a while. Regroup and think about how you can fill your life with something that is substantial and meaningful to you. Whether that means finding love that is secure and healthy or moving into a new place or increasing your self-worth by going to therapy, you have the best opportunity in over a decade now to find inner bliss. Give yourself the downtime to find it. 


Have you been feeling unseen and ignored lately, dear Scorpio? You’re going to get a shake-up this month in which your invisibility cloak falls right off, and you may end up getting more attention than you bargained for. That’s okay — this is your time to shine. Let others see you for the witty, unique soul you are. Fill in the gaps in your life with knowledge about something new and seek out unorthodox ways of reaching your goals. 


It’s time to take inventory of your relationships this month, you sassy Sag! Celebrate the friendships that work and don’t hesitate to let go of the ones that weigh you down or take more from you than you can give. Remember: Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to valued relationships. Love will blossom in your life if you take the time to truly cherish it. Don’t run away when the going gets tough. Be happy with where you are this month, rather than wishing you were somewhere (anywhere!) else than where you are. 


As the year winds down, it’s time to really start thinking about the fresh start that is coming your way in 2020. With Jupiter residing in your sign for all of the year ahead, the time is now to really dream big. Everything will be bigger, brighter, and more full of hope for you next year. You might feel a little vulnerable and even scared, waiting for the other shoe to drop. It won’t. Love and money will come to you in unconventional ways. Stay open to them and don’t work so much you forget to enjoy the sweet, intimate moments with those who mean the most to you. 


Believe it or not, dear Aquarius, you don’t have all the answers to all of life’s pressing questions. You may finally come to the realization that what you thought you knew as a fact was actually more of an opinion. If you’re wooing a new love interest, try not to shower her with too much attention this month. Time and patience is top of the order this month, rather than rushing things. Let others come to you rather than invading their space and asking for too much of them, especially during this busy holiday season. Good news though: 2020 promises to be a year of new beginnings and abundance in the form of friendships and new knowledge! 


You’re about to find out who your true friends are this month, sweet Pisces. New acquaintances may end up becoming fast, forever friends this month, too. These folks will help you achieve goals you’d previously only daydreamed about. Homelife can feel a little more emotional than usual with so much going on. Don’t forget to carve out some much-needed alone, quiet time to really find your center and feel at peace.

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