Horoscopes For Queer Women: Eclipse Season Means Change Is Coming

Along with shorter days and chillier weather, November ushers in eclipse season.

Along with shorter days and chillier weather, November ushers in eclipse season. Eclipses, in turn, usher in change, whether we are ready or not. The month kicks off with a new moon in Scorpio, which is the ideal time to set your intentions and prepare yourself for what’s to come. This moon may bring some surprises and revelations of things that have been previously hidden. Mercury enters Scorpio on the 5th, which may inspire you to consider how you can support your life and goals with a stronger foundation. 

Be sure to look at the moon on the 19th, when a partial lunar eclipse occurs in Taurus, casting red on the moon’s surface. On a universal level, this eclipse brings with it a significant change that has been building up since May 2021. On the 21st, we welcome Sagittarius season, helping us welcome the holiday season with all the enthusiasm we can muster. Have fun, but be careful not to over-indulge. 

Read both your sun and rising signs to learn more about what the planets have in store for you this month. 


When you’re keeping busy and zipping around from event to event, you’re in your comfort zone. But  when emotions come to the surface, requiring deep conversations, you feel challenged. However tempting it may be to run to the next social event, take some time to sit with your feelings and express them to someone you trust. You’ll feel tempted to push for more freedom and independence at work this month, Aries. Don’t be afraid to turn on the charm and sing your own praises if you’re not being acknowledged by the higher-ups. 


You’ve been focusing on your relationships lately, Taurus, which is important, particularly as you navigate how to collaborate with others in a mutually beneficial way. You’ll face some challenges this month, requiring that  you stand up for yourself while also considering what others may need. You’ll feel  more adventurous and social as the sun enters Sagittarius, which may surprise you since your usual preference is to stay at home in your jammies and order take-out. Seize the opportunity to go outside (and out of your comfort zone). You won’t regret it. 


Feeling the need to get organized, Gemini? Now’s the perfect time to get your daily schedule sorted, prioritize your physical and mental health, and streamline your self-care routine. When you do this, you’ll feel more balanced and less frazzled. Listening to your intuition is the theme of the month, and big, positive changes are underway if you listen to your gut and follow your heart. While partnerships will be a focus, the main priority for you is to assert what you want and need, rather than being a chameleon for what you think others expect of you. 


Mercury retrograde may have kicked your ass last month, but that’s not going to hold you back now, Cancer. Move forward with the motivation that you carry inside, and kick-off that home project you’ve been considering. You’ll be longing for plenty of 1:1 time with the ones who matter most to you, and the eclipse and full moon this month will bring up lots of feelings about how you fit in with your social circle and family. Consider who you want to associate with, and think about who you need to hold close. Surround yourself with those who help you feel good about yourself.


Not everything is what it seems at first glance this month, Leo. Something that has been hidden will come into focus; let it serve as a reminder that you must be true to yourself and your heart above all else. Now’s the time to think about what you want to achieve in the coming months, and learn to trust your heart and intuition in the process. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling particularly creative. Collaborate with someone new, or seize the opportunity to go on fun adventures with the people you have the most fun with. 


Ready to breathe a sigh of relief, Virgo? Now’s the month to do it! This is the perfect time to push forward with your money-making goals and sink into collaborations with new people, without the frustration of delays and technology glitches. Although you’re the advice-giver of the zodiac, take some time to soak up the wisdom and knowledge of others, particularly those who are a little more seasoned than you. You’ll want to step into your own creative power by the end of the month, finding new ways to express your desires and goals. Let go of your grip on perfection, and let the universe bring what you need, exactly when you need it. 


Money is the theme of the month for you, Libra. The new moon is the perfect time to hone your intentions to create a path to earning and spending that aligns with your values and dreams. The energy around money also enters into your relationships and how you express yourself, propelling you to smooth over any tensions you have with those you are close to, and to focus on creating a cozy domicile for the winter months ahead. Consider making your space even cozier and prettier than it already is. At  the end of the month, focus on social time and get-togethers, and the stars are in your favor for smooth events and socializing. 


You may feel like you haven’t been able to build up enthusiasm and gust to meet your goals, but this month that all comes to a head. Some much-needed inspiration and energy is afoot, and what you’ve been working on or towards for the past 6 months finally comes to fruition. Your relationships (familial, love, and friendships) may change, but it’s all part of a new cycle of stepping into your own power and feeling more comfortable with yourself.  Consider how you can strike a balance between your own needs and those of the people you interact with and care for, Scorpio. Communicate with empathy and kindness as you navigate these important changes in your life


You’ve been overextending yourself, and the theme for the month ahead is to be gentle and give yourself plenty of time to rest your mind, body, and spirit. If your plate is too full, Sagittarius, take some time to delegate or let go of things that don’t feel like they align with who you are and where you want to be. While asking for help can be excruciating at times, the truth is that the anticipation  of asking is often worse than the actual asking. People want to be there for you to support you and lift you up. Give them the chance and welcome the nurturing you need. 


Time to break out your favorite journal and create a new list of goals and dreams you aspire to, Capricorn. The energy this month brings offers   an opportunity to contemplate whose company you keep. Who do you want to be around and who are the energy vampires you can let go of? Changes are coming in regards to who you collaborate with and the community spaces you spend time in. Take the time to sit down and listen to your heart about where you want to be a year from now. Use your imagination and let yourself dream big. Change is almost always for the best, even when it’s scary. 


What does home mean to you, Aquarius? The idea of what home means to you — the people, places, and even things — will help you unearth the layers of realizations and understandings that have been brewing in your mind for months. Consider what you’ve inherited from your ancestors, and work to incorporate the wisdom and hard lessons they  have bestowed upon you. This is heavy stuff, so be sure to spend some time in solitude to give yourself a chance to breathe, relax, and figure out how to integrate your knowledge in your day-to-day life. 


If you’ve been yearning for personal growth, whether through learning something new or traveling to a different part of the world, an opportunity to get things started comes with this month’s new moon, Pisces. The more thought you put into what you want and how you’ll get it, the better off you’ll be. Open up to those you trust and share your thoughts about what you have planned. This is a good time to consider who you share with and who you keep in your inner circle. Some changes are afoot, but it’s all for the better. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling more confident and can soar toward your ambitions with all the enthusiasm you can muster. 

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