Holiday Gifts For Every Type Of Lesbian, From The Beauty Babe To The Gaymer

Size totally matters when it comes to hair tools… 

It’s almost time for presents! Whether you love the joy of giving gifts or absolutely hate the pressure, we are here to make your holidays just a little easier. Do you have an idea of what your partner is into? Great! Then let us take care of the rest and give you some gift-spiration. Wow your partner with the following, according to her personality. 

For The Beauty-Obsessed Babe

REVLON One-Step Volumizer Enhanced 1.0 Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

This type of styling tool is allllll the rage right now, and the Revlon One-Step Volumizer is at the top of the list. If she already has this one and is obsessed with it, get her one that has a smaller diameter to create more defined styles. Size totally matters when it comes to hair tools… 

Honest X Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

If skincare is your partner’s favorite form of self-care, then they will love this personal facial steamer. It’s like a tiny little sauna just for your face. 

Beetles At-Home Gel Nail Set

This kit brings the nail salon to you. It comes with a gorgeous array of colors, and they even offer kits that include nail tips for those looking to add a little length. Bonus points: learn how to use the kit yourself so you can treat your partner to a manicure.

For The Outdoorsy Futch

Tabletop Campfire

This tabletop campfire can be taken anywhere and is super easy to set up. Perfect for roasting marshmallows or creating a little ~ambiance~. 

Nature Meditation Deck

Many people go out in nature to center themselves. If this sounds like your partner, this meditation deck has 60 cards that encourage mindfulness in nature. 

Inflatable Couch

This gift is perfect for someone who likes to be in nature but also just wants to chill out. It is incredibly easy to inflate, and you can take it anywhere!

For The Bad Boi In A Band / FanGirl 

Custom Record

Make a soundtrack of your love story by customizing your own vinyl record. You can create an album cover and curate the playlist. Cue the music and the tears!

Artist Merch

If your partner is a fangirl, they can never have too much merch. Get them a cool piece from the artist’s website, or find a vintage piece on Etsy. They love the band/artist, so they will love the gift.

David Bowie Made Me Gay: 100 Years of LGBT Music by Darryl W. Bullock

This fascinating review of queer artists in the last 100 years tells the story of how queer pioneers shaped society as we know it, like Elton John, Billie Holiday, Lady Gaga, and — as the title implies — David Bowie.

For The Foodie

Monthly Subscription

Make Christmas happen for the whole year by getting your partner a monthly subscription. Food, drink, whatever they fancy, they’ll get a sweet treat from their sweetie every month. 

Air Fryer

Just think of all the delicious foods they will make you if you get them this gift. Plus, they come in pretty colors!

The No-Recipe Recipe Book

This recipe book gets straight to the point – and the point is making delicious food!

For The Movie Buff

Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Is your partner dedicated to watching only the *best* movies of all time? With this scratch poster, you can keep track of which you’ve seen and which are still on the docket. Once you’ve finished all 100, you can hang your accomplishment proudly on your wall.

Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Get the perfect movie theater popcorn every time with this popcorn maker. Throw some candy in the gift basket and you’ve got yourself an at-home concession stand.

Mini Projector

A mini projector will turn any space into a cinematic experience. Perfect for a space with black walls, or you can get a projector that comes with a screen like this one!

For The Fashion Icon

Sheertek Tights

These tights are worth every penny. They last about 10 times as long as regular tights. No wonder they were named one of TIME’s Best Inventions!

Matching Set

Athleisure isn’t going anywhere, so get your partner something that they will feel comfy in while also looking effortlessly cool. You can’t go wrong with a matching set! They can be worn together or separately. It’s like three gifts in one.

Thrift Store Gold

Carve some time out to go on a thrift store deep dive. It’s sustainable, and your partner will know that you went looking for something special just for them.

For The Bookworm

“Girls Can Kiss Now” by Jill Gutowitz

If your partner loves millennial pop culture, they will tear through this book. This memoir/reflection of early 2000s queer media feels like a love letter to your teenage self. See also: “The 2000s Made Me Gay” by Grace Perry.

“The Women’s House of Detention: A Queer History of a Forgotten Past” by Hugh Ryan

According to Goodreads, this book is a “singular history of a prison, and the queer women and trans people held there” and “is a window into the policing of queerness and radical politics in the twentieth century.” 

“Diary Of…” By A’Kala Chaires

GO Mag’s own A’Kala Chaires has self-published her own collection of poems centered around the trials and tribulations of her quarter-life crisis that just so happened to occur at the same time as a global pandemic. 

For The Sporty Spice

Vintage Merch

Vintage merch says, “I’m not just a lifelong fan; I’ve been a fan since before I was born.”

Pickleball Set

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, and it’s no wonder why! It’s the perfect balance of leisure and competition that will make you feel like you are in gym class all over again (in a fun way, not embarrassing way).

For The Crafty Queen

The Woobles

Originally seen on Shark Tank, these little cuties are the perfect way to learn to crochet. They start the kit for you, and even provide step by step videos to help you along the way. A perfect way to learn a new skill. 

Sculptd Pottery Kit

This at-home kit is another great way to learn a new craft. This kit allows you to sculpt, carve, paint and seal your own pinch pots, succulent plant pots, trinket dishes, vases, candle holders, sculptures and everything in between!

Flat Surface Easel

The artist in your partner will love this flat surface easel that will allow them to paint or draw anywhere. It even has storage to keep their supplies.

For The Gaymer

Untitled Goose Game

This game is a great way to connect with your gamer partner, even if you are not that into (or good at) video games. The premise is you are two geese who are tasked to run around the town and cause havoc. It’s very simple and very silly. 

Smart Light Strips

If your partner is a mega-gamer or Twitch streamer, you know it’s all about the set up. These lights are the perfect accent for their gaming set-up, and they can be controlled by your phone or smart home device.

Backbone One Gaming Controller for iPhone

This device turns your iPhone into a handheld gaming device. Don’t worry, they have one for Android phones too.

For The “Experience” Junkie

Cooking Class

Get on Groupon and find a cooking class near you! You can choose to make a food that you both love, or one neither of you has tried before.

Couple’s Dance Class

You might be able to get a Groupon for this one too, but if not, dance studios often offer private lessons for couples. There’s no better way to spice up your date night.

Tour of Your City

Even if you have lived in the same city your whole life, there is always something to do! Plan a “tourist day” for your partner where you do all the cheesy activities tourists do. It’s a fun way to see where you live from a new perspective.

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