Here’s Exactly What Kind Of Summer Love You’ll Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As the weather starts to sizzle, will your romantic life follow suit? 

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Summer is the best time to fall in love. As the weather starts to sizzle, we all seem to collectively ask ourselves – will our romantic lives follow suit? When it’s hot outside, we all feel a little more liberated to go after our ~true desires~. It’s a chance that life gives us every year, to look for what we actually want from the world, from ourselves, and from each other. Following your heart is what this season is all about. It’s also about being half naked in the sun and checking out other half naked babes in the sun – lez be honest. 

However, every zodiac sign has something a little different in store from their summer love. Some of you might be diving in head first for a movie-style romance while others are snuggling up with one bae for the next few months. Either way, we all have a little more romance coming our way.

Look at your Sun sign, Rising sign, and Moon sign to understand why you might date the way you do (and what kind of love is coming your way).

Aries: Like a Rom-Com

You’re looking for passion. There’s no way for you to fall in love without it consuming your very spirit. In fact, love keeps your emotions alive. When summer comes, you’ll be looking for Romance with a capital R. You’re not looking for a slow burn and you’re not looking at dating through the expectations of others or a solid relationship. You’re looking to fall in love movie style.

Let yourself have it, Aries — the way you do love this summer will give someone else joy. Understand yourself by knowing that you might not feel the same romantic fervor in a few months and that’s okay. Sweep someone off their feet, but communicate this to them.

Taurus: Comfort Bae

Love is your very foundation as a person. When you date this summer, look for people you can bring home — and people who want to go home with you. You’re looking for someone to hole up with and binge watch your favorite TV shows or read poetry to each other. 

Ultimately, you’ll only love someone who wants to protect the same things as you do, someone who can chill out with you and not try so hard. So, cook delicious food with your dates and snuggle up in bed with them. Get comfortable, most of all, and you’ll be offering the comfort you feel in your own skin to someone you love.

Gemini: Role Play and Laugh

All you need, sometimes, Gemini, is a splash of good humor. As you date this month, you’re enjoying the different senses of humor that you come across. All you’re looking for, really, is someone who makes you laugh. Keep your dates low-stakes so that you can make fun happen freely and naturally.

Keep your dates funny, too. Do funny things together. Don’t just go to dinner or the movies – do something that you think is fun and energetic. Pretend to be a set of characters together, dress up, and call each other by different names. Send a date that you really like on a scavenger hunt while you follow along and laugh at all their confusion.

Cancer: A Little TLC 

You’re looking for nourishment this summer, someone who makes you feel secure about who you are in the private moments that you share together. You’re looking for someone who, finally, sees you for who you are and everything that you are. That’s why your summer dating style must incorporate your own authenticity and adamant honesty.

Let your dates know who you are, unashamed and proud. You want to be seen and you want someone to witness your jubilation as well as tears. Looking for love this summer is an exercise in valuing yourself and your time — when you give your time to someone, you will literally see how it makes them into someone beautiful.

Leo: You’re An Attention Whore, Obviously 

Honestly, you’re only looking to spend some time in a way that makes you appreciate yourself a little more, Leo! Dating will help you with that because you get to wear the clothes you love best, become your charming self, and show off your personality and love of life to someone worthy.

You’re looking for attention, Leo, and you’ll get it. Attention makes you become your best self because you feel all eyes on you and you become a strong, flawless role model. So, this summer, hold your chin up high and do what you do best. Make those who come into your life feel a little more alive by sharing your joy with them.

Virgo: Summer Getaway 

For someone who always forgets about summer, summer dating always catches you off guard. Sometimes you’re shocked when that cute girl you see at the store every week asks you out or when there’s someone new in your life that you can’t get enough of.

There’s something precious about the way you shape your ~romantic feels~ because you keep it private, even secret, for so long. When you do act on it, every date feels almost otherworldly, even if you’re just doing something like getting coffee before work. Let yourself keep your summer love affair private and let it become your retreat away from the world. 

Libra: Can’t We Just Be Friends?

Summer love and friendship is deeply entwined for you. Every act of love, for you, is an act of revolution. Every person you love, even if the romantic feelings fade after a while, is a life long friend.

As you date, you’re looking for the specialness of having a best friend. You’re looking for someone who is able to get you, who understands your inside jokes with yourself, and can talk in circles about your cult interests. You’re looking for a life companion in every person you fall for — that’s why your exes never really go away. The best way to find this special friend, Libra, is to be that person and the love of your summer will find you in the world.

Scorpio: Power Lez x2 

Did someone say power couple? There’s something in you, Scorpio, that appreciates people who have built themselves a striking brand. So, as you date and fall in love this summer, you’re really trying on all the possibilities of who you could be, based on who you can be with.

You want someone who will bring you a world bigger than the one you live in — someone who will make you bigger. So what if your dates double as career networking? You’re simply not interested in people who don’t have something going on for themselves and people who don’t share the same goals you do.

Sagittarius: Wanderlust and Wine 

When you’re looking for summer love, you’re really looking for a new experience. You don’t mind if the person you’re dating is just for the summer or season, or just for some wacky rhyme or reason. Maybe you’ll fall in love just to go somewhere with them, see faraway places, and come back to your life free and single again. Maybe you’ll fall in love with someone who’s just here for a short while.

You love feeling capable of love affairs because it keeps your appetite for life hungry while maintaining your sense of freedom. Let yourself have your cake and eat it, too. Recharge your soul battery by giving yourself an adventure this summer.

Capricorn: Sweet Surrender

Summer love is not a light subject for you, Capricorn. It’s heavy, it’s sometimes obsessive, and sexual. If you’re dating this summer, then what you’re looking for is trust. Sometimes, you might even test that in various ways. Watch for texting anxiety, this worry over who wants who more and who holds the power. 

Trying to control the situation will not work for you. You aren’t able to control any relationship because you’re only part of the equation. Instead, let yourself have what you’re actually looking for, which is to completely surrender. Give yourself to someone and fall in love.

Aquarius: The Real Deal 

You don’t fool around with someone you can’t imagine building a relationship with not because you see monogamy through some kind of moral lens, but because you simply don’t have the time or energy to deal with anyone you can’t take seriously. You only have so much social energy, Aquarius, and, if someone is catching your interest enough for you to date them, even once a week, then you might very well spend years of your life with them. 

Dating might make you a little self conscious. Find ways of creating love in the relationships you already have instead. You might fall in love with someone you have known for years, slowly without even realizing it. When you do, you’ll be there for them, no questions asked.

Pisces: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

You want someone to show you how to take care of yourself; someone you can help and someone who will help you. Take your date to a Korean spa, to the farmer’s market – try out new, wholesome recipes with your date. Love needs to take care of you and loving someone is a practice of care.

Your summer dating style is daily, consistent, and sustainable. You want to wedge yourself into the crevices of someone else’s life and remain almost unnoticed. You want someone to do the mundane things in life with you – to laugh over jokes while running errands with you, to look at you in the mirror while you’re brushing your teeth. When you fall in love, you’re sharing your life with another person.

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