“Hearts Beat Loud” is The Feel-Good Queer Movie We’ve Been Waiting For

Okay, lesbians. Hold on to your Birkenstocks, call your girlfriend on speed dial, and clear your calendar for June 8th — because Hearts Beat Loud, a major film release featuring a major lesbian character, is hitting theaters.

The film’s website describes Hearts Beat Loud. “In the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, single dad and record store owner Frank (Nick Offerman) is preparing to send his hard-working daughter, Sam (Kiersey Clemons), off to college, while being forced to close his vintage shop. Hoping to stay connected through their shared musical passions, Frank urges Sam to turn their weekly “jam sesh” into a father-daughter live act. After their first song becomes an internet breakout, the two embark on a journey of love, growing up and musical discovery.”

Hearts Beat Loud is a multi-racial film where the queer lead character (played by out actress Kiersey Clemons) is not struggling with her sexuality, her love relationship, or acceptance from her father (Nick Offerman) and friends. This is revolutionary for a mainstream Hollywood film.

Hearts Beat Loud is set to a a queer-love inspired soundtrack of indie electro-pop tracks that Clemons actually performs in the film.

While we love all queer films, even if they are filled with drama and misery, we are especially hype for a happy, cute movie that has a queer main character! We are moving past the narrative that queer people’s lives are only filled with struggle and pain. While struggle and pain are both real AF (holla for our trauma) sometimes, even most times, we are just trying to live our best lives and be cute like everyone else. We deserve a movie that celebrates that beautiful ordinary-ness.

Combine that with an electro pop soundtrack, AND an out queer main actress and you have what might be the movie of the summer. It drops in select theaters June 8th, and nationwide June 15th.

Check out how DAMN ADORABLE the trailer is:

I know my next movie date will be cute AF. I can’t wait to see this (and probably cry because I cry at laundry detergent commercials).

What is your favorite queer movie? What queer movies are you excited for? Will you go see Hearts Beat Loud? Let us know in the comments!

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