GO’s Best of Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women Pop Culture 2016

2016 has been ripe with bad news, hard losses and tragic events, right up until the very end. But there was a lot to celebrate for queer women as well that should not go unmentioned as we close another year. This is GO’s list of the best in Lesbian/Bi Pop Culture.

Best TV Series – Drama (Tie)

“Transparent.” Despite being billed as a comedy by Amazon (and the Emmys), Jill Soloway’s mega queer, ultra Jewish series has more LGBTQ characters than not, and each of them is given a distinct and fully-fleshed storyline that doesn’t rely on stereotypes. Instead, it has their characters questioning them as they straddle the line of perpetuating them or discarding them altogether. Season 3 of Transparent was unlike anything else on television past or present, and while there are certainly a lot of humor in some moments, its dramatic elements and heavier plot points are closer to home than perhaps any ever before delved into on any mainstream screen.

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