God Bless America: Lady Gaga Officially Has A White House Role

The land of the free and the home of the little monsters.

Break out your Old Navy 4th of July t-shirts early: we are celebrating America today. Joe Biden has brought Lady Gaga to the White House to give her an official government role. Gaga is set to become the co-chairwoman of Biden’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. This means that the “Government Hooker” singer will play an integral role in advising Biden on cultural policy.

Gaga will serve alongside gay director Bruce Cohen, who has won Oscars for his films American Beauty and Milk. We can expect a lot of queer excellence from this duo.

This is not the first time our queen has gotten presidential. Gaga sung at Biden’s 2021 inauguration and previously campaigned alongside him against sexual assault on university campuses. It’s a long shot, but her proximity to the White House has fans in a hopeful frenzy that Gaga might one day run for president. It wasn’t long after the announcement for the “Gaga for President” tweets to roll in.

Other fans took to Twitter to acknowledge just how truly influential Gaga is.

“So this basically confirms the fact that Lady Gaga is the most important artist in the industry right now,” wrote one fan.

“Her cultural impact is just incredible, some of you better put some respect on her name,” said another.

Another wrote: “Lady Gaga being in the dance, music, film, entertainment and makeup industries, while also being a philanthropist and an important ally of the queer community, and now she’s getting involved in politics? What a woman.”

“No better choice than @ladygaga. A true visionary when it comes to the Arts. Whether it’s music, film, make up, fashion, activism, she puts her heart and soul into it. There’s no one like her,” tweeted another fan.

Other superfans are demanding that Gaga use this role to release the album Artpop Act II, which may or may not exist.

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