Weekly Horoscope for Queer Women: Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks us to synthesize ritual and logic.

Weekly Horoscope for Queer Women | June 5, 2017

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9th just happens to also involve retrograde Saturn. As the Sun (how we think of ourselves) proceeds directly, Saturn (how we think about reality) moves backward to meet it in opposition. Whatever we feel is the emotional result of our thinking, navigating, and pondering is not only highly subjective and part of our personal narrative, with the Full Moon, but shows up in the outfit of a fact or truth.

Gemini and Sagittarius is about what you know, how you know it, and who you know. We’re thinking a lot about concepts and ideologies, including who is implicated in our personal ideology. We’re playing catch up to the universe and all that is going on, processing it though text messages, late night obsessions, and rapid conversation. The Full Moon in Sagittarius asks us to synthesize ritual and logic. What kind of logics do we create for ourselves to see the world and what symbolic acts do we push ourselves to do to encapsulate them? The Full Moon indicates that we experience a result.

Another noteworthy astrological event this week is that Venus and Mercury both enter their own sign on June 6th right after Mars entered Cancer on June 4th. These planets usually represent our activities during the day, as they follow the Sun around. As they return home, they tend to feel much more natural but also more lazy. We might feel that it is time to take it a little easier, to just get to know the world naturally, and to enjoy good company without asking for too much.

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You’re always struggling, Aries, and this time it is against some type of ideology that you feel is overly institutionalized. You feel that the larger world is captured by some system of belief. Use some new interest, a movie you’ve just watched or a new friend you’ve been observing, to form an opinion. Keep in mind, as always, that you’re ultimately creating your own learning opportunities.


Find the relationship between what you collect and the collective. Things don’t make sense to you unless you can give a concrete example or two. What makes you feel more powerful? Having a lot of money in your savings account or having a more symbolic impact on society? Figure out how to communicate the relationship between the two to feel valued by others.


You have an opportunity to develop a new emotional maturity within your relationships this week. Find out what it is that you want others to symbolize to you. This could be a lover, a friend, or even just society at large. How does the symbolism you find in others change the significance of you being you?


It might be good to break your routine somehow this week and let yourself be a little lazy. You have plenty of passion right now and it’s directed towards big picture things, like your inspirations and dreams. Take care of your own body first and foremost – any issues you have with employment are a direct reflection of how you engage with your own form.


Make something this week. You might have been doubting your creative process quite a bit lately – this is Saturn doing it’s work. Make sure that you’re doing the work to focus your creative abilities instead of giving in to cynicism and feeling that nothing you make ultimately matters. Ask yourself instead to put in the work necessary to make your creations matter.


You have a disposition to be unattached or to only be attached on or by principle. The focus right now is on where it is you want to make your home and what it holding you down to one place. Consider your roots and how this coincides with your representation in the world. Because you’re focused on development, reframe your personal narrative.


The ideologies of those that you surround yourself with are up for consideration this week. Describe to yourself the ways that you are like and unlike as well as any social boundaries you must draw in order to fully distinguish yourself. You might have to be willing to be hated by at least someone to remain true to who you are.


Your personal power is dependent on your ability to love and value yourself. Ultimately, these two things are the same concept. Let yourself develop a little flexibility in terms of how you see control and mutual sympathy by looking at value symbolically. What mental games do you play to make yourself feel good? It there any way that freedom comes into play inside of them?


Really develop yourself through your relationships right now. Do you ever feel like there is someone who just doesn’t or can’t believe you? This may be a projection that comes from a desire to cast yourself as unbelievable! Go right ahead, Sagittarius, but be aware that this relationship is part of your own persona.


Rebalance your life by exercising awareness over your emotional need for down time. Fully distinguish time by understanding the difference and dependency between planned time and unplanned time. Schedules are what keeps you interested in life but the time you spend spacing out is when you explore the meanings behind every activity.


Get inspired! This is your annual opportunity to rejuvenate your total and encompassing vision. What makes you heart beat and how do you want to share your joy? Figuring out what it is you believe in is all about making a stronger ego that doesn’t feel fragile when you need it. Doubt will adjust your symbolic interpretation of humanity accountable.


Enjoy the duality of meanings you are able to put into the world by just being yourself. You relate to multiplicity much better than one single narrative. Question if your career allows you to play with meaning and get rid of any dogmatic notions. You may not need a totally defined goal in the same way that you do not feel the need to clearly designate a past for yourself.

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