First A Teddy Bear, Now A Bud Light: Conservatives Are Very Triggered

They are so upset over Dylan Mulvaney’s face on a can, they are pouring beer down the sink!!!

Bud Light sent social media star Dylan Mulvaney a beer can with her face on it to celebrate day 365 of her famed ‘Days of Girlhood’ series. In the series, which has amassed millions and millions of views, Mulvaney documents her journey as a trans woman. In a recent video posted to her 1.7 Instagram followers, Mulvaney displayed the personalized Bud Light can and said, “This month I celebrated my day 365 of womanhood and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever – a can with my face on it.”


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It’s hard to take issue with Mulvaney’s bubbly personality, but that did not stop transphobic trolls. Some were so disturbed by the video that they called for a boycott of the beer company.

“Never drinking Bud Light again,” one commenter wrote below the video. Others took their outrage (over a literal singular can???) to the next level, and posted videos of themselves pouring Bud Lights down the sink. “Go woke, go broke,” commenters chimed in, to show their support of the boycott. Why those who don’t like or support Dylan Mulvaney couldn’t have simply ignored the video and carried on with their lives is unclear. (It’s important to note that only Mulvaney has a special can with her face on it, and that the other Bud Light cans are still the shining symbols of masculinity the boycotters had previously guzzled.)

Allies jumped in the comments to defend both Mulvaney and Bud Light.

“At the end of the day, she’s gonna be living her best life,” one person commented. “Don’t hate her because you’re too scared to take control of your life and do what makes you happy.”

Another asked the haters in the comments “Why are people so offended by shit that doesn’t impact them in any way shape or form? Maybe just move along and live and let live. This is hurting literally no one.”

It’s also worth noting that Bud Light has been pro-LGBTQ+ for decades. The beer company has regularly sponsored Pride events across the world, and held a fundraising drive in 2019 to help raise money for GLAAD. They also released limited-edition rainbow bottles across the US as part of a World Pride celebration, vowing to donate $1 to GLAAD for each case sold up to $150,000.

So Bud Light being supportive of the queer community is nothing new, and pouring beer down the sink is just a waste of perfectly good beer. And wasting beer sounds pretty un-American if you ask me.

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