Weekly Horoscope For Queer Women: Feel What You Need To Feel

Let yourself feel solid and strong at some point this week.

We didn’t even talk about Chiron in Aries last week — we were so busy with the retrogrades. Chiron went into Aries last week and will be here for a long time. It has an elliptical orbit and takes the longest time in Aries. It has a lot of work to do here because it’s healing our ability to be ourselves.

Chiron in Aries can be acts of masochism and activism — it’s however you want to use it. The pain itself always has to do with identity and dehumanization. As Chiron travels its way through Aries, we’ll deal with all the ways we just assumed we weren’t allowed to be exactly who we are. Those with natal Chiron in Aries have had obstacles with expressing their anger. Telling someone you are not allowed to be angry is telling them that they don’t have the right to exist how they do.

Something that will feel refreshing this week is Venus slipping right into Gemini. We haven’t had anything except the moon in an air sign since Aquarius season. There’s been a while lot of living and not a whole lot of need for thinking or socializing. Venus in Gemini feels a little silly. We get our sense of humor back. After a lot of heaviness, it’s nice to not take everything too seriously once in a while.

The lunar phase this week is waxing gibbous. The moon represents your heart (or so Teresa Teng says), which is a part of your body. Build yourself up physically and emotionally this week. We are busy doing this week, putting the things we gained during the waxing crescent phase into practice. It’s important that, as we do, we remember to eat and sleep as well. Prepare for the Scorpio Full Moon for getting a feel for how your body feels and what needs it has that you haven’t taken care of yet. Let yourself feel solid and strong at some point this week.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You are a healing agent this week, Aries. And you might look around and ask “who? me?” Your instinctive drive to take care of yourself will be a healing example. You must teach others to become selfish. Stand up and say your name, all the things you stand for, and why you are the way you are. Even if some of those things are ugly, someone out there will be healed by the authenticity.


Sometimes, Taurus, anger gets the best of you. It makes you dig your heels in and, when you’re angry, you’re not able to grow. You do change but you’re only able to do so when completely comfortable. This is a week to say all the things that you want to say. Do it in a way that is both raw and engaged with others.


Venus in your sign makes everything lighter. Curl yourself into a curve that asks and receives. Mirror yourself to others to laugh at their every move. No matter how much power someone has over you, you’re able to make fun of them until they cry and that’s your power, Gemini. Develop your mean girl skills this week and use them for emancipation.


What ways are you trying to prove yourself outside of your family? In what ways has your identity developed through the fights you’ve had with your family? Use the energy those fights give you now. They’re there because they create incredible motivation for you to be comfortable in your own skin. Get in a brawl and see how happy you are with yourself after.


This season, Spring, has you developing your outer world goals. The Sun has finally come out and you’re more willing than before to be outside. This doesn’t mean, however, that nothing from the outside will challenge you. In fact, things can come up with stability of purpose and money that asks for patience from you. Develop yourself, don’t thrash yourself.


You are allowed to be more ambitious with what you want to accomplish in the world, Virgo. You have everything it takes to make big changes — you have the criticality and the skills. It’s just that you might be afraid to do things too big. This week, let yourself dream big. The world needs Virgos who are willing to plan out our bigger revolutions.


This week gives you a fantastic opportunity to feel more secure about who you are. It asks you to heal your social power to build value collaboratively with others. This means initiating something new with other people, doing a collaboration to fight something bigger. This takes courage and you have it, Libra. Using it will leave you loving yourself.


Curl up with a loved one and feel physically loved. See how your bodies fit or not and enjoy those conversations and gaps. Lay down alone and feel your skin. This will make you love your body once more, which you need to learn to do. You want to feel attractive again and this week will give you the time and experience you need to achieve just that.


Love other people. It’s been harder for you to do this recently, with no air planets. You have your chance to do it this week. Feel embraced by others and feel loved back. Sometimes, you can get caught in your own world and start thinking you understand all there is the understand about the world already. This week, you get to get your curiosity back.


Go home. It’s time to. You’re been pushing yourself too hard and getting lost and finding that you’re capable of having nowhere to belong. Now, it’s time to go back. Find what you know and enjoy the ways all of it has changed in the time that you’ve been gone. You’re not the same you but you need to plant your root down somewhere once more.


Making sure that the place you return to everyday is up to your satisfaction should be your number one priority now. Figure out how you are designing your home is making you comfortable as well and uncomfortable. Then, decide for yourself how comfortable for uncomfortable you want to be right now, keeping in mind that comfort is a design for privilege.


Something clicks into place about money and the way you spend it – all the time you spent making money will ultimately mean nothing if the stock market doesn’t continue to always rise year after year. This realization will give you the freedom you need to develop your self value for real. What is something you won’t regret spending time on?

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