Erin McKeown: Lafayette

Signature Sounds

If you love seeing Erin McKeown live or haven’t had a chance to yet, you must pick up her latest CD, Lafayette. Available Sept 26, this is her first official live album. This 13-track recording of her performance with her Little Big Band at Joe’s Pub in New York City captures the energy and showmanship McKeown is known for.

In the song “Slung-lo,” Mckeown sings, “I’m going to burst right out of this world/I won’t do it alone.” And she certainly doesn’t, The solo artist turns bandleader is backed by Allison Miller on drums, Todd Sickafoose on bass, Erik Deutsch on piano, organ, and electronics, and Shane Endsley on trumpet, and arranger Erik Lawrence on tenor saxophone.

McKeown weaves seamlessly in and out of eras and genres—one moment throwing down an old-timey boogie, and the next slowing into a stripped-down folk ballad. She’s totally in her element on stage with a strong, clear voice and sinewy guitar playing.

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