The Dish: Acrush is China’s New All-Girl Androgynous Boy Band, Willow & Tara Reunite for “Buffy” Anniversary

Everything you need to know before the weekend commences.

It’s officially Dinah Shore Weekend, which means you’ll want to follow along with Go’s social media all weekend to see what fun we’re up to. Check us on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or find us in the pool with our beach balls.

Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson (Willow and Tara, duh) discuss their on-screen relationship in EW’s issue dedicated to the 20th anniversary of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

North Carolina repealed their ridiculously discriminating HB2 law, but they’re replacing it with one that is arguably worse.

Arkansas’s own “bathroom bill” is dead, after GOP Sen. Linda Collins-Smith withdrew her proposal.

Meanwhile, Texas is about to push some more anti-LGBTQ laws because they have nothing better to do with their time, money and energy?

LGBTQ YouTubers aren’t just going to let their “restricted mode” squabble slide.

Refinery29 covers GLAAD’s latest report on millennials, which finds that 20% identify as “not straight.

Mike Pence‘s wife, Karen, once wrote a letter to The Washington Post, complaining about a pro-gay article they’d published. From her letter to the editor:

“I only pray that most parents were able to intercept your article before their children were encouraged to call the Gay/Lesbian Youth Hotline, which encourages them to ‘accept their homosexuality’ instead of reassuring them that they are not.”

WUWM (Milwaukee’s NPR station) talks about one of the best documentaries of the last year: “Jewel’s Catch One.” See it if you haven’t already.

In other cool doc news (that I haven’t seen yet but I’m sure is awesome), “Left on Pearl” details “the 1971 building takeover that led to the founding of Cambridge Women’s Center.” The Cambridge, Mass. center became a “safe space for lesbians” during its time in operation, and the film is premiering at the Boston International Film Festival on April 17.

Out Scottish stand-up Susie McCabe sounds like a comic you’d like to LOL with.

Two pro soccer players from the Arsenal Ladies and Millwall Lionesses got into a fight over a girl (in public!).

Kristen Stewart says she’s feeling really good about life right now.

Kate McKinnon voiced a character in the new animated film “Ferdinand.”

There’s about to be an LGBTQ dance party protest outside Ivanka Trump‘s house, or as close as anyone can get to it.

Photographer Maggie West shot some colorful nudes of people to “explore gender and sexuality in less binary way.” (Caution: NSFW, unless your work is cool with nipples.)

Also NSFW-ish is this new campaign from Eckhaus Latta that has real couples (queer included) having sex.


And I’ll leave you with this: “China’s hottest new boy band is actually made up of five androgynous girls.” Moving to China BRB.

photo by Acrush

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